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  • Meaningful SEO Metrics – SES London Presentation

    Update: I have done a full write-up on this session over at SEW on how to measure SEO like paid search.

    Today I was delighted to present at SES London on the Meaningful SEO Metrics panel alongside Chris Boggs, Will Critchlow and Jon Myers. This was a great session, causing lots of discussion (I’ll do a full write-up on the session later in the week) – but for now, here are the slides:

    SEO Metrics – SES London 2012

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    11 Responses to “Meaningful SEO Metrics – SES London Presentation”

    1. Ryan McLaughlin says:

      Looks like it was a nice presentation. I’m gonna make it to london one of these days. I liked slide 17. That type of forecast really speaks to the client, although usually it’s hard to set those variables / stats.

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    3. Chee says:

      For link building, I look at the post contract completion value ie – how much traffic you can drive in the 12 months post campaign completion. Link building campaigns pay off tends to be 6 – 12 months, so this post valuation is key to getting signoff.

    4. Martin says:

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    5. Ian says:

      Hi Kevin
      Great presentation – just a quick question on your slide where you mention breaking down an SEO campaign into a scaleable plan – you aim to build 50 links a month for each keyword group.

      What sort of links would those 50 consist of – online press releases, directory listings, blog comments, twitter/FB mentions or anything else? As sometimes people mention building 50-100 links per month but it would be great to explore how you achieved this – were they 100 links from 100 different c class domains?

      For example if you were going to seed an article about ‘the top 10 best mountain bike trails in South Wales’ – would your agency create the copy or would it be down to the client and the SEO company would optimise and distribute?

    6. Ian says:

      For websites who are not ecommerce based – where there is no actual product bought online – i.e. double glazing – what is the best way to calculate the average order value to work out the revenue value of SEO – to prove to clients that the campaign is generating leads and income – rather than just reporting on keyword position and % increase in GA organic traffic

    7. Hi Ian, the idea would be to break this down further.

      So as a link building strategy, you would want to mix up your activity between different types of links, blogs, media, articles etc. So I would firstly estimate how many links/what quality you need in order to outrank your competitors – and then from there you can create a clear plan on how you are going to get there.

      To answer your other questions, I would use one (or both) of the following options:
      1) Have an average lead value, as opposed to booking value – and calculate potential revenue in the same way you would actual revenue if it were an e-commerce site.
      2) Use media value instead based on PPC. So if you were to pay for your organic traffic at an average cost per click price, how much would it cost? Then you can get a feel for how much that traffic is potentially worth to you.

      Hope that helps!

    8. Daniela says:

      Hi Kevin, I sat at your presentation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just a quick question, what is the tool you have used for the Competitor Gap Analysis in slide 13? I might have further questions later.

      Many thanks,


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    10. Thanks Daniela – glad you enjoyed the presentation, the screenshot in slide 13 is from SearchMetrics.

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