MFA Websites Google AdWords Video -

MFA Websites Google AdWords Video

MFA Websites Google AdWords Video


By Kevin Gibbons / December 15, 2006

Search Engine Roundtable today noticed a video, below, which demonstrates PPC to PPC to PPC pages via Google AdWords & AdSense Network. In other words a user will click a Google ad and be presented with landing pages containing more Google ads to similar websites, using similar layouts and again using ads based upon the same keywords.

It’s unclear whether this video was recorded before the recent landing page quality score update but it does highlight the extent of the problem Google are facing with MFA (Made For AdSense) websites. I have just performed a search for ‘forklift’ on Google and have been presented with an advert for, an MFA website which features in the video. The ad did appear on the third page of listings which suggests that maybe the site has been penalised for having a low quality landing page but it’s obviously still being allowed to appear for these searches despite this by paying above the minimum bid.

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