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  • Microsoft adCenter dynamic keyword insertion

    The Microsoft adCenter blog yesterday posted about using dynamic text in adCenter with {keyword}, {param1}, {param2}, and {param3} instead of {KeyWord: Default Text} which the Google AdWords keyword insertion uses.

    “There are many possibilities for using keyword insertion and dynamic text (parameters) in adCenter. This post will address the most common use of the different types of dynamic text insertion options.

    Keyword Insertion
    Keyword insertion helps make ads more relevant by inserting the search query term into the ad title or text.

    • Tip: The keyword is inserted into the ad exactly how you enter it in the interface, so capitalize words where appropriate.
    • Tip: Keywords have a maximum of 100 characters.
    • Tip: If using {Keyword} insertion causes the ad title or text to be longer than allowed lengths (title: 25 characters, text: 70 characters), the ad will be rejected. As a solution to this, have a 2nd static ad that does not use {Keyword} insertion in the order as a default. When the keyword is too long, adCenter will display the static ad.”

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