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  • How www.microsoft.co.uk Could Make Millions on Google UK!

    Do Microsoft have a UK internet strategy? If you search for any of their products on Google.co.uk (with the UK filter applied) it certainly doesn’t look like it! Below are some fine examples of where Microsoft should be at the top for both natural and paid search listings but surprisingly appear in neither. This is happening because they use a .com domain suffix hosted in the US, making use of www.microsoft.co.uk would get them listed naturally for all of the below searches and very likely #1 for each term, saving them money on both AdWords clicks and the direct sales from retail websites!

    Google UK search for Microsoft:

    Google UK search for Microsoft adCenter:

    Google UK search for Microsoft adCenter:

    Google UK search for Microsoft Office:

    Google UK search for Microsoft Windows:

    And it doesn’t end here, Overture’s UK keyword research tool shows the huge popularity of Microsoft searches in the UK. But instead of seeing Microsoft.com listed, users are given the choice of review or e-commerce websites instead. In many cases Amazon ranks #1 (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) so people may choose to buy second-hand software from Amazon Marketplace or eBay instead, costing Microsoft thousands if not millions of income from new sales.

    While generally it’s good practice to use one domain name (consolidating all inbound links) in this case using www.microsoft.co.uk could have a massive impact on the UK search market, redirecting to www.microsoft.com/en/gb does little for their UK search traffic as the domain is hosted in the US.

    The UK search traffic is obviously converting sales, you just have to look at the sponsored links to see how many sites bid upon Microsoft keywords. Interestingly many of these use the trademarked term “Microsoft” within the ad title or description, this seems to be appearing because the ad’s are using dynamic keyword insertion to get around the Google AdWords trademark policy but if Microsoft aren’t even bidding on the keywords themselves they’re less likely to be concerned about the sites which are.

    Perhaps Bill Gates has made far too much money by now to be worrying about Microsoft’s UK sales and search traffic! :)


    7 Responses to “How www.microsoft.co.uk Could Make Millions on Google UK!”

    1. weasel says:

      The searches were performed on Google.co.uk (not the US google.com) with ‘pages from the UK’ selected.

      Seeing as most of Microsoft’s pages are hosted in the US, Google will serve results from pages hosted in the UK before serving pages hosted in the US.

      Could this be the reason for this?

      I don’t think Google are stupid enough to block Microsoft in their SERPS.

      I did a few checks and Google DOES serve Microsoft pages at the top of it’s results when ‘the web’ is checked rather than ‘pages from the UK’.
      As I said before, it’s because most Microsoft pages are hosted outside of the UK – they will not be included in the first few pages of the SERPS on a UK only search.

      Ziz – SEM for FindaProperty.com


    2. Austin WebKing - Website Design says:

      Yeah, I tried this on Google.de (Germany), filtering for only pages from Germany, and I saw similar responses. Results from vendors topped the list, but Microsoft proper didn’t come up. Oddly though, when I searched “ebay” and “Yahoo” on Google.uk (filtering only pages from the UK), I didn’t find similar results as with Microsoft. The search for Yahoo displayed uk.yahoo.com and the search for eBay delivered eBay financial info from Google finance, followed by the ebay.co.uk.

      Microsoft has a .co.uk domain, with a redirect to http://www.microsoft.com/en/gb/. Think Google treats this as a doorway, thus penalizes?

    3. Kev says:

      What any website needs to do in order to be listed on google.co.uk (with the UK search filter applied) is either have a .co.uk domain suffix or a UK hosted server.

      Microsoft don’t do either of these which is why they aren’t appearing, I just find it suprising that they haven’t done anything to remedy this when you consider the potential sales from targeted traffic which they are missing out on!

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    6. Tom R says:

      Does anyone know an approximate percentage breakdown of UK Google searches where the users actually search with the option for “pages from the UK” toggled? It would be interesting to know this, and how it applies to this deficit.

    7. James Strong says:

      I did a search on Google.jp The results – Microsoft occupied the first 4 positions but was only broken by Wiki and then continued for another listing. Is it not here (Japan and maybe other areas that I didnt search) they are asserting their authority? Does Microsoft perceive itself to be such a superior brand that it doesnt need to optimise itself in the UK or other areas…..seeing as everytime the majority of computers are startd up we see their advertising. Now isnt that the best sort of advertising? It does raise the question – What if anything are we all missing in the UK and other European destinations (which the Japanese are seeing first) if we dont constantly see Microsoft at the top of Google advertising all and new services?

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