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  • The most important site you design is your own

    Designing and optimising client’s websites is the main part of my business and sometimes client work has to take over from blogging and updating our own websites. However the old web design adage that the most important site you ever design is your own is especially true for SEO companies.

    Design is tough work, as ReadWriteWeb is finding out today with some criticism of their new design. Personally I’m trying to design a new theme for my blog and it is proving almost impossible purely because I want it to be perfect.

    Todays ProBlogger consulting project discusses a SEO blog that wants tips on how to gain more readers and yet hasn’t optimised the blog template with unique meta descriptions. Astute readers will wonder why they should take the advice of somebody who doesn’t optimise their own blog. I know that most successful people are too busy to worry about SEO for their own sites but most clients expect their SEO’s site to be perfect, just as a web design client won’t choose a designer with a badly designed portfolio site.

    Appearances are everything online.


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