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  • My First #1 Google Ranking – Blog Meme

    I first saw this idea at the SEO1 forum and thought it would work well as a blog meme, so here goes:

    My first #1 Google ranking was while at Uni back in 2002 when I did a multimedia project to create a driving school website. I put this up on my personal website and next thing I knew a couple of weeks later I was getting several daily requests to take people on driving lessons around Oxford! When looking into where this sudden interest had come from I found the website was ranking at number 1 in Google for an “Oxford Brookes Driving School” search which is still at #1 today. I’m not really sure why people searched for this but they obviously did, I’ve changed the contact details since then though so my driving instructor career hasn’t been going quite so well recently! :)

    I think you normally tag 5 blogs in these meme things but seeing that this is just getting started I’ve picked 10 of the blogs I subscribe to (is that another meme in itself?), would be great to hear how some of these guys started.

    Lee Odden
    Todd Malicoat
    Michael Gray
    Barry Schwartz
    Andy Beal
    Dave Naylor
    Loren Baker
    Dazzlin Donna
    Chris Winfield
    Andy Beard
    Lyndon Antcliff


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