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  • Negative press, archbishops and the art of SEO

    An interesting article in the Financial Times this week questioned why the Church of England had not put more of an effort into search engine optimisation to ensure the Archbishop of Canterbury’s explanation of his sharia law comments outranked the negative coverage.

    Reporter David Bowen highlighted that the statement was buried on the church’s own homepage and non-existent in a Google search for ‘Church of England sharia’. ‘Memo to the C of E web people – get your SEO sorted so that you at least get a show amid the massed enemy on Google’s home page,’ he scathed.

    His comments brought to mind a recent post made on the Search Engine Watch site, in which American consultant William Leake discussed tactics for overwhelming online negative coverage with a high-ranking response.

    The search expert remarked that negative reporting often scores a top place in search results because of the many links it receives through being discussed around various blogs. Try going to the source of the negative comments and requesting they publish a link to the firm’s rebuttal, Leake suggested.


    One Response to “Negative press, archbishops and the art of SEO”

    1. Oliver Taco says:

      It wouldn’t have helped – the explanations for his Pythonesque idiocy were, in some ways, worse than the originally foolish *prepared* remarks.

      But your SEO point is well taken. :-)


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