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  • New AdWords Campaign Optimisation feature

    While monitoring the performance of a clients AdWords account today I noticed a new option to “view optimisation” for some AdGroups.

    Click image for full-size:

    When hovering over the help question mark this information was displayed:

    Campaign Optimisation
    This optimisation proposal was created specially for your campaign with the goal of helping you improve performance and reach your advertising goals.

    You can accept our suggested changes, reject them, request different changes or review them later.
    What should I do now?
    Learn about the benefits of accepting your optimisation.
    Can I edit an optimisation before I accept it?

    By clicking the view optimisation link an explanation of the optimisation proposal was given, where you can either apply changes to campaign or decline the suggested updates.

    Here is the explanation:
    “The changes to your campaign may include one or more of the following:

    - Expanding your keyword list with additional relevant keywords. These new keywords should trigger your ads more frequently and increase your advertising presence for a targeted audience.
    - Changing your keyword maximum cost-per-click (CPC) amounts to get more clicks without exceeding your daily budget.
    - Deleting less effective keywords.

    You can accept or decline the changes at the Ad Group level. If you’d only like to apply some of the changes, accept the entire Ad Group, then go back and edit your keywords on your own.”

    Click image for full-size:

    So far I have only seen this appear for one account, this seems to be a good change to help advertisers realise what changes can be made to improve their campaigns performance. Personally I would prefer to see all individual updates listed before they’re applied so that you know exactly which changes will be made before hitting the button, but as Google seem to be testing this on a limited amount of accounts this may be added once it’s available to all users.


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