Guide to Creating a Google AdWords Campaign Template -

Guide to Creating a Google AdWords Campaign Template

Guide to Creating a Google AdWords Campaign Template


By Kevin Gibbons / November 28, 2007

Google AdWords have today released a new feature which allows My Client Centre account managers to create campaign templates and share them with managed accounts.

The Google help centre has some information about the campaign templates, I’ve only created a very basic template but this does look like a very useful feature to speed up the setup process for new client accounts or similar campaigns.

I’ve created a quick guide to show how you can create and share campaign templates. The template setup follows the same process as creating a new campaign, it’s just created though the MCC account instead of the individual account. Each template can then be applied to quickly create a new campaign for a selected client account.

1) Create Campaign in Google AdWords Template Center
Please click all images for full-size versions:

2) Publish Campaign
Once you have created a campaign template you need to publish this by clicking into the campaign and selecting the publish button, changing the status from draft to published:

3) Select client and click “Template Library”
And once the campaign is published this will be available to apply to managed client accounts as part of their new template library:

4) Create Campaign from Template
All you need to do is set the campaign name, geo-targeting, URL, budget and start/end dates:

5) Save Campaign
Once the setup is saved, the new campaign will be added to the account and you’re ready to go!

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