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  • New web design from Six Shooter Media

    I have now applied a new web design to integrate this blog with the main SEOptimise website. I felt this was an essential change after reviewing the websites statistics and finding that a low amount of users who read the blog click through to the main website (and vice versa), I also felt that the website needed a more professional and consistent layout.

    The template for this design was provided by Six Shooter Media and in my opinion this has been an excellent improvement to the appearance and usability of the site.


    3 Responses to “New web design from Six Shooter Media”

    1. Anonymous says:

      few broken links dude!

    2. Kev says:

      I’ve just fixed the top nav links, did you find any other problems?


    3. Joe Williams says:

      Hey Kev,

      It looks really slick – congrats on how your site/blog has shaped up over the last 12 months, both visually and in content.


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