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  • Online spending and advertising continues to climb

    A recent study published by e-Marketer has found that the money spent advertising products and services online is fast increasing. The research firm predicts that this figure will rise to more than £4.3 billion by 2010 and £5 billion during 2012.

    This increase in spending can only be in response to the rapid rise in online shopping. The IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index found that during February, a record £4.3 billion was spent through the internet.

    Furthermore, even in the America – which many analysts think is heading for recession if it is not there already – internet spending continues to climb. Forrester Research and Shop.org have published a study suggesting that citizens of the US of A will continue to dole out their dollars online despite the damning economic climate.

    No one is claiming that internet retail is entirely resilient to the slowdown in consumer spending. However, the internet seems curiously robust in the face of people’s tightening purse-strings. Perhaps it is because when people have less ready cash, they cannot face browsing the high street with its array of tempting items and would rather hunt for what they need online.


    One Response to “Online spending and advertising continues to climb”

    1. morgan says:

      I think that online spending will continue to climb because online people can browse many different sites and find the best deal. That’s the ace for the Internet — people will continue to spend money online because that’s usually where the best deals are. Granted, it takes the social aspect out of shopping, but that’s what Facebook is for! ;)

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