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  • Original content 'can aid traffic and conversions'

    Search engine optimisation can be helped by simple tactics such as rewriting product descriptions when selling items from another manufacturer, a commentator has suggested. E-consultancy researcher Graham Charlton said in a recent blog post that original content is helpful for both driving search engine traffic and a company’s conversion rate.

    Although such recommendations may seem obvious to high-ranking websites, research conducted by Microsoft at the end of last year revealed more than 60 per cent of small and medium businesses in the UK do not invest in search marketing because they fear it is expensive and difficult. This is despite 76 per cent of such firms which do spend time on search engine campaigns being rewarded with an increase in sales.

    The software company estimated that businesses are wasting as much as £3 billion investing in websites their potential consumers will never find.


    2 Responses to “Original content 'can aid traffic and conversions'”

    1. Colin Boyd says:

      I’ve been reverting to classic advertising book to find out how the great print advertising copywriters worked, I think the H1 should to used for the benefit of people and not the search engines algo.

    2. £3 Billion. thats unreal! I think this is an especially helpful post, and one many people should take note of. All of us know that the big three dont like duplicate content, espcially Google, so if you want to rank highly, you need to provide original content!

      If you do that, you will gain more traffic, and as a result, your conversions will improve!

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