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Kevin Gibbons / April 10, 2008
The big talking point over the last week has been about Google's decision to allow trademark bidding in the UK. [...]
Stuart Tofts / March 28, 2008
Marketers across the world are gradually recognising the importance of online tactics such as search engine optimisation (SEO) to their promotional toolbox. The industry has transformed from being a niche neat trick a few lucky firms had access to, into a must-have marketing tool. [...]
Patrick Altoft / January 10, 2008
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Kevin Gibbons / October 31, 2007
Kevin Gibbons / April 23, 2007
I meant to post this on Friday but didn't quite get round to it, anyway here's a recap of the pay-per-click advertising news I found of interest during the last week.Google AdWordsOn the Radio: more on Audio Ads - Inside AdWordsIntroducing preferred cost bidding - Inside AdWordsUsing Google Analytics with [...]