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Tad Chef / December 19, 2008
By now everybody serious about social networking agrees that you have to be on Twitter . [...]
Kevin Gibbons / December 15, 2008
"But he that filches from me my good name [...]
Richard Fergie / December 8, 2008
Recently Google have added an option in the campaign settings menu which allows you to choose not to show your ads on mobile phones running standard browsers. This is different to the mobile format ads; it is to do with modern phones (like the iPhone) that can view web pages with a normal internet browser. [...]
Tad Chef / December 5, 2008
Confusion is ruling the Internet. Google is partly responsible for it, partly it's the popular publishing platform WordPress and sometimes both. Google encourages the use of nofollow attributes which amount to a "no trespass" sign for search engines on links and WordPress does the same not only with comment links but also with all links on a page or site. [...]
Tad Chef / December 1, 2008
Getting, convincing, keeping and dealing with clients is an art for itself. Whether you're a freelancer or part of a company, whether you're a SEO, web designer, programmer or writer you will encounter the same issues again and again. You might argue that everybody is different and no client matches another one. This is true. Nonetheless the situations you will go through often match. So you can prepare yourself for those recurring situations. [...]
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