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Kevin Gibbons / February 8, 2007
Graywolf has posted 10 local search interviews with a further 10 more to follow this week. The interviews include some great tips from guests such as Aaron Wall, Bill Slawski and Rae Hoffman. [...]
Kevin Gibbons / December 12, 2006
Yesterday was the official opening of Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land following the original announcement last month. Many people in the search industry believe this will mean the end of Search Engine Watch with users expected to follow the strong team of correspondents, including Barry Schwartz and Chris Sherman, to make the move. [...]
Kevin Gibbons / September 15, 2006
I updated my blog a while ago to edit the Blogger titles for SEO reasons. Now after being a bit worried about the number of Google supplemental results being displayed for my blog (although this could be for any number of reasons, especially as the domain is new) I decided to remove the blog title from the page title of all posts.For example the previous page title for this post would have been:Internet Marketing Blog: Editing Blogger's page title for SEONow it will instead remove the title and display: [...]
Kevin Gibbons / June 20, 2006
I am now providing pay per click services for Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) after successfully managing many Google AdWords client accounts.Yahoo Search Marketing provides sponsored links for MSN, Lycos, Altavista and Orange as well as Yahoo! so even if your business uses Google AdWords it may also be worth signing up for this to target a wider audience of potential customers.If you don't already have an account why not make the most of the £50 free clicks offer by signing up for Yahoo [...]
Kevin Gibbons / February 2, 2006
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