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Richard Fergie / November 6, 2008
In my ppc for travel post from a couple of weeks ago I recommended splittester for testing ad variations. I got a bit fed up with only being able to test two ads at once and having to type the information in for each test. I though it would be a lot easier if I could do the same thing on a spreadsheet. I emailed Brian Teasley the creator of splittester, to find out what sort of statistical test he used so that I could implement it in my own spreadsheet. He offered to sell me his own spreadsheet for $950. NINE [...]
Tad Chef / October 30, 2008
Web Design for ROI is a book that had huge impact not only on myself. It has changed the way the SEO industry approaches web design and finally made people embrace usability to it's full effect. Sadly the web developer community wasn't impacted to the same extent yet. Many web designers and developers, especially of the "failed artist" kind seem to assume that web design is more about flashy animations, fancy graphics and beautiful decoration than real business value or ROI/Return On Investment. [...]
Kevin Gibbons / October 23, 2008
Having been involved in a wide range of travel SEO projects during the last 12 months, I thought it would be a good time to write about the buying cycle of searches when purchasing a holiday online. [...]
Glen Allsopp / October 21, 2008
Recently, I've found that I'm searching around for the top sites in any niche on a regular basis. When I mention top sites, I'm referring to sites with: [...]
Richard Fergie / October 20, 2008
It is a PPC truism the ads in the top two positions get too many “curiosity clicks” and tend to convert poorly in comparison to ads lower down the page. I guess the thinking is that people who bother to read past the first couple of lines on the SERP are serious buyers. (So much of a truism that I can’t seem to find one blog post to link to that deals with this. Maybe it is a Richard Fergie truism rather than an industry wide one). [...]