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Kevin Gibbons / February 22, 2009
We recently published a post on the golden rules of paid search, leading to extensive debate here at SEOptimise Towers on how some companies get it wrong. [...]
Tad Chef / February 20, 2009
Twitter has a new superstar: Dan Zarella, viral marketer and Twitter specialist got retweeted into stardom and scored a job with Internet marketing innovator Hubspot (Disclosure: I'm a former Hubspot Blog writer). [...]
Stuart Tofts / February 16, 2009
Here at SEOptimise, we are always expounding the benefits of a good quality and sustained blogging campaign. [...]
Tad Chef / February 13, 2009
Stuart Tofts / February 10, 2009
I sometimes meet potential clients who sadly suggest that it is too late for them to run a search engine optimisation campaign. They think they have left it too late, that they have arrived after the party and they will never catch up with their competitors. Others feel SEO is something younger businesses do, not established companies like theirs. [...]
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