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Kevin Gibbons / February 25, 2008
Most webmasters are aware that doorway pages are against the guidelines of the major search engines but recently they appear to be making a comeback on the websites of some extremely well known brands. [...]
Patrick Altoft / January 10, 2008
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Kevin Gibbons / October 31, 2007
Kevin Gibbons / August 28, 2007
Rob Kerry has written a very interesting article on Search Engine Watch about playing dirty with PPC. While these techniques aren't something I would recommend using myself, it's very useful to be aware of black hat pay-per-click methods as it's possible your competitors could be applying them. In the article Rob discusses how you can duplicate a competitors ad text to replace their ad by outbidding them, publish non-compliant ads before they're manually reviewed, use multiple accounts to list several ads for the same search and cloaking [...]
Kevin Gibbons / April 23, 2007
I meant to post this on Friday but didn't quite get round to it, anyway here's a recap of the pay-per-click advertising news I found of interest during the last week.Google AdWordsOn the Radio: more on Audio Ads - Inside AdWordsIntroducing preferred cost bidding - Inside AdWordsUsing Google Analytics with [...]
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