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    Canonical domain 301 redirects 
    During the re-design of this website I have ensured that a canonical form of domain listing is not indexed by redirecting kevingibbons.co.uk to www.kevingibbons.co.uk. This is important as a website can be penalised if it has duplicate content appearing in the SERPs. The best way of redirecting the canonical url is via a 301 redirect […]
    MSN Business Directory 
    Having previously signed up for many free directories such as Dmoz to add quality incoming links to websites I decided to try a paid submission for the MSN Small Business directory. Hopefully this will help to improve the search ratings for SEO consultant searches and at $49 a year is alot cheaper than some other […]
    Google Mars 
    As today’s Google search image is in memory of Percival Lowell, who created a scentific map of Mars in 1895, I noticed that there is now a Google Mars website similar to Google Earth. You can find key areas on Mars such as mountains and craters and view stories about attempted spacecraft missions to the […]
    Internet more popular than TV 
    According to recent government figures surfing the Internet is now a more popular pastime in the UK than watching TV. On average adults in Britain spend 37.5 days a year watching TV compared to 41.5 days spent online. Here’s the full Daily Mail Internet tops TV as most popular pastime article.
    Google Page Creator 
    In competition to Microsoft Office Live Google have just released a beta version of Google Page Creator. This offers WYSIWYG HTML design to easily create and publish webpages along with 100 MB of free storage space to host the webpages and upload images on their googlepages.com domain.The signup for Google Page Creator is free but […]
    Google PageRank update underway 
    It appears that there is currently a Google PageRank update underway. Results from Google’s datacenters are now starting to show a PR 4 for overseas property site Place Sun which currently has no PageRank.
    Google Blog Search 
    Google have released a new search facility to enable users to search blogs. Here is the Google Blog Search which has information here to show how this will work.
    The Oz Experience 
    I have signed up for Where are you now which shows my travelling plans for the next year. I plan to spend 6 months in Brisbane and another 6 in Sydney but this might change once getting out there. I have also added an Australia travel photos section to my website, this should hopefully get […]
    Moving On… 
    I handed in my notice today as I will be going to Australia on a years working visa with my girlfriend in March. It wasn’t an easy decision as I believe ORIS Group are a company on the up with an exciting future but it was something I’ve been thinking about for a while and […]
    Google Analytics 
    I have now setup Google Analytics to help provide detailed web stats for ukgoogleconsultant.co.uk. Google Analytics was released at the end of last year following Google’s purchase of Urchin. This will hopefully help to give information on how visitors are referred to the website, where they are geographically located and which page’s are most frequently […]