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Tad Chef / April 3, 2009
Tad Chef / April 2, 2009
For years the traffic metaphor was a bad but widely used one to describe the visitors viewing your site. A few days ago the new Tesla Model S has been unveiled. Most people focused on the environmental impact of this visionary electric car but some noted that the [...]
Kevin Gibbons / April 2, 2009
Update: We now have a 15% discount code for the SMX London 2010 event. [...]
Tad Chef / March 27, 2009
This week the number of newsworthy items about and on Twitter was so overwhelming that I I solely focused this Twitter Friday on Twitter and SEO. [...]
Tad Chef / March 26, 2009
Over the past two years I collected quite a few PDF and other downloads about social media in general, blogging, social media marketing and SEO. [...]
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