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Kevin Gibbons / October 31, 2007
Kevin Gibbons / August 28, 2007
Rob Kerry has written a very interesting article on Search Engine Watch about playing dirty with PPC. While these techniques aren't something I would recommend using myself, it's very useful to be aware of black hat pay-per-click methods as it's possible your competitors could be applying them. In the article Rob discusses how you can duplicate a competitors ad text to replace their ad by outbidding them, publish non-compliant ads before they're manually reviewed, use multiple accounts to list several ads for the same search and cloaking [...]
Kevin Gibbons / April 23, 2007
I meant to post this on Friday but didn't quite get round to it, anyway here's a recap of the pay-per-click advertising news I found of interest during the last week.Google AdWordsOn the Radio: more on Audio Ads - Inside AdWordsIntroducing preferred cost bidding - Inside AdWordsUsing Google Analytics with [...]
Kevin Gibbons / March 9, 2007
Here's a recap of this weeks main pay per click news:Google AdWordsAdamap notices the Google keyword tool showing number of previous month's searches.Search Engine Roundtable confirms that Google AdWords Qualified Professional certifications are valid for two years.The Inside AdWords blog discusses how the MyChange History Tool can be a [...]
Kevin Gibbons / February 8, 2007
Graywolf has posted 10 local search interviews with a further 10 more to follow this week. The interviews include some great tips from guests such as Aaron Wall, Bill Slawski and Rae Hoffman. [...]
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