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Kevin Gibbons / July 8, 2008
Despite reading tons of blogs each day it's actually quite rare that I bookmark posts in FireFox. But by being selective, I’ve managed to build up a nice collection of quality articles and blog posts over the last three or four years about pretty much anything to do with search engine marketing. [...]
Kevin Gibbons / June 23, 2008
During the last few weeks website localisation and internationalisation seem to be a hot topic around the blogosphere. [...]
Tad Chef / June 11, 2008
As a German SEO Consultant I worked with UK and US SEO companies and other clients on many internationalisation or localisation projects in recent months. The international sites we tried to optimise in many cases failed to compete with even much smaller local competitors. Also the SEO measures undertaken were far from sufficient due to structural limitations of these projects. [...]
Stuart Tofts / June 9, 2008
A recent conversation with a friend has made me think about how the public perceive search engines. [...]
Tad Chef / June 4, 2008
Do you use Google Analytics? Well, a recent study shows that you're not alone, roughly one third of the Alexa top 500 websites traffic wise use it. That surprised me a little. Anyways, I use Google Analytics myself and noticed before that some numbers are inaccurate or downright wrong. In May I discovered how wrong, completely wrong. [...]
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