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Richard Fergie / October 20, 2008
It is a PPC truism the ads in the top two positions get too many “curiosity clicks” and tend to convert poorly in comparison to ads lower down the page. I guess the thinking is that people who bother to read past the first couple of lines on the SERP are serious buyers. (So much of a truism that I can’t seem to find one blog post to link to that deals with this. Maybe it is a Richard Fergie truism rather than an industry wide one). [...]
Stuart Tofts / October 10, 2008
Yahoo! has launched its own analytics tool, promising real-time reports to 13,000 small business customers, with a further role out in 2009. [...]
Richard Fergie / October 9, 2008
Do you do any sort of pay-per-click management for the online travel vertical? I recently attended a Google AdWords Webinar about online travel trends which they based on a ComScore study of 50,000 UK web users. Our Google rep sent me a copy of the ComScore study which I have used to bring you my top ten useful tips for running a travel PPC campaign. [...]
Tad Chef / October 6, 2008
More and more conventional link building methods, like directory submission are of less and less value, Google does not even recommend high quality paid directories any more. In fact soon we'll see a situation where all artificial ways of link building will be frowned upon. [...]
Richard Fergie / October 3, 2008
Its Friday afternoon, no one's blogged on here for a while and I've been asked to step up to the plate without mentioning SpyFu! I should've been thinking of what to post for a few days now but I'm afraid I've been a bit distracted... [...]
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