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  • SMX Advanced 2014 – Seattle 
    What a great week this has been! Why you may ask? Well this week I attended SMX Advanced over in Seattle, one of the most talked about and recommended search marketing conferences in the world. The week started off with a trip to the Moz office for a look around, followed by the SMX Advanced […]
    2 Years in SEO 
    I was sitting staring at my computer trying to decide what my next post should be about, when I got a notification from LinkedIn – “X Congratulated you on your work anniversary!” Work anniversary? Then I realised, I’ve been working at WHITE for two years now and, subsequently, have spent two years in the world […]
    The simplest guide to better blogger partnerships – Part 1 
    Blogs. It’s hard to browse the web without stumbling across one. You name the topic, there’s someone blogging on it. Food? Of course. Babies? Everywhere. Fashion? Don’t get me started.  What’s more, many of these blogs are extremely popular, very well done and, for a continually rising amount of the creators, a financially viable full-time […]
    Put your user in the spotlight 
    First, let’s address why we should follow the premise of my bold headline statement. In PPC, the buck stops at the user. Fundamentally, the key to capturing that all-important conversion is to understand that user. To achieve this you need to place your users at the centre of your thinking, working outwards from them to […]
    Looking at local ranking tools 
    Following my review of Moz Analytics last year, this month I’ve moved on to looking at another new tool that’s still in beta: SEMrush Position Tracking. I’ve been playing with this tool for a couple of months now, and feel that it deserves a blog post of its own. I’ll provide some pointers as to […]
    Standing Still Is As Good As Moving Backwards 
    I once overheard a conversation between a web developer and a project manager. They were discussing the case of a client who had raised an issue with their website. The website had been built 18 months before and up until this point in time had had no problems. 18 months later and the client had […]
    Tips & resources to help you pass the Individual Qualification (IQ) exam 
    The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is awarded on completion of a 90 minute open book exam. It is used to provide proof that you have a certain level of expertise in Google Analytics – a printable certificate is available to successful entrants. The exam: Is made up of 70 multiple choice questions (including “select […]
    Operational SEO: Insights into running an SEO department [Presentation] 
    Operational SEO is a huge topic with so many areas to talk about. When Linkdex asked me to speak at their ThinkTank on the subject, it took me a while to identify the key area that I wanted to discuss, but I finally narrowed it down to the people who deliver the projects, the team! […]
    4 ways to change your content calendar from drab to fab 
    Do a quick search on Google for the phrase content calendar and you’ll see plenty of results offering you a template to use free of charge. In fact, one of the top results displayed is the Econsultancy website, which advertises “Eight free content calendar templates to help plan your output”. You will also be spoiled […]
    “Thinking is the hardest work there is” – How do I create new blog post ideas? 
    Every blogger fears that empty white screen on the computer. You have Word open but no letters, no words, no sentences. What am I meant to write about? This post will take you through some quick tips to help you come up with blog ideas from creating posts to serve all your audiences to narrowing […]