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Highlights from the Biddable World Conference 
So, Tuesday 21st January was the first Biddable World conference and it was just as successful as anticipated! In this blog post, we (Holly and Tamsin) are going to give you our highlights and the tips that we will certainly be taking advantage of in 2014. We will also give you our Key Takeaway Message […]
Google gives back some keyword data! 
Most of you will have noticed that the organic keyword data provided by Google Analytics has been gradually fading away and replaced by the token ‘not provided’. This was introduced after Google announced that it was taking measures to protect personalised search, which basically meant that it would no longer be providing keyword data for […]
Bouncing Off: 10 On-Site Distrust Factors To Avoid In 2014 
Side-stepping search engine ranking factors for a minute, remembering the human element of websites is the key to creating a website that works for 2014 and beyond. It’s important to consider the elements below when beginning an on-site refresh, as they can have a big effect on the trust levels of the visitor. Here are […]
A New Year & A New Mobile Strategy 
With 1 in 5 Google search queries now being executed on mobile devices and mobile website traffic across all industries growing at a rate of 3.5% per month (Televox), there is a huge demand for mobile optimisation. During 2014 mobile search queries will continue to increase, so working towards a mobile search strategy sooner rather […]
6 Steps to Finding all Your Website URLs 
Removing pages from your website? Going through a site redesign or migration but not sure you have all the URLs on your website? It’s an issue that we will all go through at some point in our SEO life. I have been involved in a lot of projects recently where I’ve needed to find all […]
Content Marketing in 2014 – What Should You Be Doing? 
Content Marketing was one of the big buzz words of 2013, but as the year draws to close what should we be looking out for in 2014 and how can we make sure our content strategies stay fresh and relevant? Here are my predictions on what’s going to be important during the coming year and […]
The First WHITE. Exchange 
This week we hosted our first WHITE. Exchange, a new event in Oxford focussed on digital marketing. We held three talks: The Evolution of Search – Daniel Bianchini. What Content Does Your Site Need? – Bobby McGill. The Fundamentals of a Healthy Website – Sam Gooch. Whenever you start something new, it’s always a bit […]
The People Behind The Search 
After joining in the middle of October, and completing the Ad Words certification, the underlying message I have taken away from my training and research is that understanding the psychological behaviour of search users is pivotal to creating a successful PPC campaign. I would like to present the fundamentals of PPC from a beginner’s […]
Our Favourite Thoughts from the Content Marketing Show 
On Friday, we travelled over from Oxford to London for the Content Marketing Show at Logan Hall. As always, Kelvin and the team did a great job putting on the event, which was host to an array of top content marketers and strategists. Below is a summary of the talks along with our own favourite […]
Essential YouTube Best Practices 
YouTube, like all social media, can be an excellent channel for stirring up interest in your brand and keeping your followers up to date with company news, but only if it’s managed correctly. That’s why this ‘Best Practices’ guide was written, to instruct you on the basics of using YouTube as an effective business tool. […]
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