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A Long Engagement… 
In a digital marketing world where it’s no longer acceptable to focus purely on ranking performance we look to on-site factors that can produce the most effective results in the long term. Who knows whether those extra five back links to your site will prove to be more worthwhile over the next three months but […]
The Future of Content: What To Do Now Guest-Posting Is Dead 
As every SEO is aware, Matt Cutts recently made a very strong statement against the use of guest-posting. The points he made were clear and (if we’re honest) fair. Guest-posting has become more and more spammy over the past few years, and has been over-utilised by many in the SEO industry. However, this condemnation of […]
Learning To Use Excel Macros For PPC 
If you’re good with Excel’s formulae and pivot tablets you may want to go to the next level and start making your own macros. A macro is a short program that tells Excel to do a series of actions. You can get a macro to do just about anything you could do manually, which means […]
Link Audits: What should you be looking for? 
Link auditing has been something that has been examined for a considerable time within SEO, but has never been as important as it is in today’s changing landscape. Since the Penguin algorithm there have been SEOs up and down the country conducting link audits, not just to identify penalties but to ensure there isn’t a […]
TrueView, or not TrueView: That is the question with Video Advertising. 
I am often asked by clients, ‘What’s the big deal with Video advertising?’ Well, given that by the end 2013 22% of the global population already owned a smartphone and 6% had a tablet device (, I’d say it’s pretty crucial. Mobile video has grown rapidly in the past few years, but 2014 will be […]
SES London – Day Three 
Missed the other days of SES? Read about day one here and day two here! And so to day three of SES London 2014. Day three started with a headache, probably as a result of all of the ‘networking’ I did the night before. Determined to move on with the day regardless, here are my […]
SES London – Day Two 
Missed day one of SES London 2014? Read about it here! If day 1 of SES London 2014 was the ‘look smart and make a good first impression’ day then day 2 was the day when everyone relaxed and wore a jumper. Things were scheduled to kick off with Ian Carrington from Google, so primed […]
SES London – Day One 
The first day of SES London has been a good one. The rain outside was light enough not to matter, the London Underground remained in service and before I had even taken ownership of my event pass I had already been given a free satchel. The conference itself is a three day affair, with each […]
Highlights from the Biddable World Conference – Part 2 
Biddable World was a very full day – too full to fit into one blog post! We’ve already told you what happened in the morning – so here we (Holly and Tamsin) are with even more tips and Key Takeaway Messages (KTM) from the afternoon’s talks. 8. Jim Banks – Every Picture Tells A Story […]
Highlights from the Biddable World Conference 
So, Tuesday 21st January was the first Biddable World conference and it was just as successful as anticipated! In this blog post, we (Holly and Tamsin) are going to give you our highlights and the tips that we will certainly be taking advantage of in 2014. We will also give you our Key Takeaway Message […]
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