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Daniel Bianchini / July 17, 2014
Do you conduct any competitor research for the industry that you work in? If the answer is yes, then great. If it is no, then you are not the only one! [...]
Sam Hall / July 15, 2014
In our ever-changing online world, it can seem like an SEO’s life is a never-ending attempt to keep up with algorithm changes. Constant fixes, undoing of old work performed by previous agencies, and trying to predict what the next shift will bring. It can be exhausting and even appear futile. [...]
Bobby McGill / July 10, 2014
Before you start, I know the above picture (of Walter Johnson and Calvin Coolidge shaking hands after the Senators won the AL in 1924, which I subsequently edited) is a huge generalisation of the relationship between brands and bloggers, but I put it here because it made me laugh. Go on, laugh at it as well, it's okay. [...]
Paul Wood / July 8, 2014
Throughout my career in online marketing I have always believed that the things you can learn from other disciplines and industries tend to give the biggest advantages. [...]
Alexandra Johnson / July 2, 2014
With cycling successes in both the Tour de France and the Olympics in recent years receiving massive coverage, it comes as no surprise that the UK should revel in the opportunity to celebrate the 2014 edition of the Tour de France, starting in Yorkshire. As someone who only really got into watching the Tour last year, I'm interested to see how brands in the Yorkshire area are using Le Tour to their advantage. [...]
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