Paid version of Google Apps released -

Paid version of Google Apps released

Paid version of Google Apps released


By Kevin Gibbons / February 22, 2007

The BBC News website today reported that Google have introduced a paid version of Google Apps for your domain. This is aimed at small businesses at a cost of $50 a year per account.

Google Apps includes GMail, Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Page Creator and Start Page, with the small business version offering extensibility APIs and 24/7 help and support with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 10GB storage for GMail, shared calendar resources and the option to turn off advertisements. Here is a full comparison of the standard and premium edtions, with the premium edition currently offering a free trial until April 30th.

The BBC article also talks about Google’s “brutal timing”, coinciding with Microsoft’s launch of Office 2007.

Google hopes that the chance to collaborate on key documents via the web will prove popular to small firms who are more used to e-mailing copies back and forth.

Analysts said the announcement was intended to give people an alternative to Microsoft’s Office 2007.

“The timing is just brutal for Microsoft,” said Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research. “It’s definitely a shot across their bow.”

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