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    The Art of Setting Facebook KPIs 
    The real value of internet marketing is in the ease of setting up analytics by communication channel, measuring performance of campaigns and thereby directing/redirecting valuable marketing budget toward campaigns that yield higher return. Therefore, setting clear marketing KPIs is crucial before implementing any online marketing activity. It must be reiterated that executing marketing campaigns in […]
    How To Optimise Your Facebook Page 
    New Facebook Page Developments The ‘new’ timeline layout that Facebook users have recently had to get used to is now being rolled out to Facebook Pages too. Along with new real-time Facebook insights, brands really have an opportunity to develop their Facebook marketing strategy and create added value for users. The new timeline for brands […]
    What’s Going On with the Google Display Network? 
    Google keeps making updates to the Display Network – so what’s going on? Display Network Tab The main change is that AdWords is collecting Display targeting options under one new Display Network tab Previously targeting information was scattered between four tabs (Campaigns, Networks, Audiences and Topics), so the change should simplify management greatly. Although you […]
    5 Powerful Facebook Guerilla Marketing Tips to Outsmart Competitors 
    Continuing from my previous post, 11 tips for a better Facebook ad campaign, I thought I’d share with you some simple yet powerful tactics to outsmart your competitors and reach out to your target audience. Facebook offers some incredible targeting options, so here are my five top tips to get the most out of these […]
    Excel Hints for PPC 
    Excel is one of the best tools for PPC. Downloading your data into Excel gives much more scope for analysis and complex change than using a browser interface or AdWords Editor. You may have already read Distilled’s Excel for SEO or some of PPCHero’s Excel tips, but here are my own hints. Concatenation If there’s […]
    11 tips for a better Facebook ad campaign 
    As I have found out the hard way, Facebook ad production is extremely labour-intensive. Therefore it is imperative that you incorporate an effective ad production workflow to best utilise your time. Here are eleven tips I’ve been able to come up with over the past few months. Understanding the account structure  In the Facebook Ads […]
    What Could Google’s New Privacy Policy Mean for PPC? 
    Earlier in the week Google announced changes to its privacy policies. The main changes are that: Now nearly all Google products are covered by one privacy policy. Information you give Google’s various different services can be combined. Google still promises not to sell personal data, but to only share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information. It hasn’t […]
    How Is adCenter Different to AdWords? 
    So you’re advertising on Google, but you want to branch out to Bing? There’s a new audience for you there, with less competition and less cost! Microsoft adCenter is in many ways similar to AdWords. Your ads appear on searches that match your positive keywords but not your negative keywords. Your account contains campaigns, which […]
    UK Search Conference Calendar – 2012 
    It’s that time of year again, where everyone is starting to think about which UK search conferences and events to attend. So for 2012, I’ve put together a conference calendar of search events – let me know if there’s any I’ve missed! February: SES London – London, 21-23 February 2012 March: Think Visibility – Leeds, […]
    The Ultimate Guide to Securing a Job in Social Media, SEO & PPC 
    * There are many misconceptions about the kind of skills and traits you need in order to find a job within the Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Industry (hereinafter referred to as ‘SE & SMM Industry’). In order to dispel most of these misconceptions and to provide a guide-like resource to anyone looking to […]
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