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  • Richard & Judy Demonstrate TrustRank

    The power of just one trusted link has often been discussed but isn’t often proved. Normally any site that has one trusted link also has lots of others so you can never really tell which links are passing the most weight.

    TV stars Richard & Judy have their own wine club that ranks very well on Google for the term “Buy wine“, the site was launched in 2005 and has just 56 links according to Yahoo. A number of the links are nofollow from Wikipedia and most are from Channel4.com. Apart from the Channel4.com links there are only about 5 others so we can be sure that their rankings are based almost entirely on link weight from Channel4.

    In fact the term “buy” isn’t even on their homepage and the site still ranks for “buy wine”.


    9 Responses to “Richard & Judy Demonstrate TrustRank”

    1. nickycakes says:

      It would be nice to hear more information about this. What exactly does this demonstrate about TrustRank that couldn’t be attributed to other factors such as domain age?

    2. Simon Dance says:

      It certainly does put into question the whole argument for content and meta data….

      Thanks for sharing, I think i’ll use this in my next presentation.



    3. Searchtroop says:

      Very good points. Definitely raises the argument for content and meta data.

    4. Web Search Australia says:

      Interesting example and you are probably correct about the impact of the C4 and other R&J sites. No doubt more would be revealed in their Webmaster Tools!

      Possibly the term ‘buy wine’ is included in some of their inbound links – but hold on, it’s also included in their keywords tag…!

    5. Kunle Campbell says:

      We got a couple of article links from C4, along with some other ‘high profile’ links from news websites back in 2006 & it worked wonders after some on-page optimisation on our linked pages. I strongly believe PR has a huge impact on SEO specifically from authoritative news sites. They form the backbone for extra link building activity.

    6. Lenen says:

      Always good to see that meta description still helps a ‘little’ bit :P

    7. SEO Design Solutions says:

      I have seen similar incidents with our site (for keywords that were hundreds of pages deep that catapulted to the top 10) all from a few links from sitepronews…

      As you develop authority for your site, you will be able to test it more frequently yourself. What used to take months of custom content and link building, can be done with a blog post (competing with 300,000+ allinanchor pages). Believe it, authority is the final frontier.

    8. It’s just a proof that a link from a quality authority site carries more value and really helps a site in terms of ranking than a bunch of links with low quality.

    9. geld lenen says:

      Mhhhh. Just one link huh? That saves a lot of energy and time!

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