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    The following is a paid advertisement via ReviewMe:

    Many people struggle to keep up with all the technical jargon used on the Internet. To help improve the users understanding of these terms SEO Book have produced an excellent search engine marketing glossary.

    The glossary gives a complete and up-to-date A-Z of information, from above the fold to Zeal, which easily lets users find out the meaning of many terms. The glossary is easy to use and gives a very wide range of information which both beginners and more experienced users can learn from, covering all the search engine marketing related terms your likely to come across. This provides information about basic terms such as Google and HTML to more advanced terms such as click arbitrage, the Cluetrain Manisfesto and link bait. The listings also give useful links to additional sources for further information.

    Below is an example of the description for LSI:
    Latent Semantic Indexing is a way for search systems to mathematically understanding and representing language based on the similarity of pages and keyword co-occurance. A relevant result may not even have the search term in it. It may be returned based solely on the fact that it contains many similar words to those appearing in relevant pages which contain the search words.”


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