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  • Yahoo!'s SearchMonkey Business

    Yahoo! has launched a preview of its new SearchMonkey tool and is requesting developers go and have a play.

    The ideas behind SearchMonkey were first shared with the online community back in February, but now website owners and developers are being encouraged to sign up for the SearchMonkey, check out the demo and even attend the launch party. Yahoo! is doing the thing in style.

    I like SearchMonkey. It will give websites the chance to build enhanced search results, meaning they can annotate the information supplied alongside their Yahoo! search listing. The search engine hopes this will enhance the usefulness of such results to the user.

    Furthermore, Yahoo! believes that by allowing websites to annotate their results, developers will be able to drive increased amounts of quality traffic to their sites.

    Moves to enhance the usefulness of search results are always welcome. Not every consumer will understand or appreciate the level to which the portals refine their results but all web users will notice when their engine of choice offers them more useful and relevant information.

    Has anyone signed up for a go yet?


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