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  • Sell your #12 Google Ranking to Dragons Den for £255,000!

    In Dragons Den last night Clive Billing turned around what initially looked like a pretty average pitch into a £255,000 offer for 40% of his business, online diamond website diamondgeezer.com.

    How did he do this? By announcing that he ranked in Google at #12 for diamond and #9 for diamond engagement rings. Although he probably wouldn’t have got much further had the dragons searched for this themselves, realising that the site had dramatically plummeted to outside the top 100!

    Amazingly Clive turned down the offer, but by revealing the high turnover figures of his largest competitor (bluenile.co.uk), the dragons saw the potential these search rankings have towards generating high volumes of online sales and as a result immediately adding value to the business.

    Please feel free to link back to this post using the anchor text “diamond” or “diamond engagement ring”! ;)


    21 Responses to “Sell your #12 Google Ranking to Dragons Den for £255,000!”

    1. Interesting, I wish I’d seen the show. It’s about time that the benefits of SEO got some good media coverage – it still feels like everybody sees us as the stereotypical used car salesmen.

    2. Mindy says:

      It’s great that SEO got some media coverage, but he’s not actually ranking where he claims he is. We have a client, ZSdiamonds.com, who has seen his traffic increase by over 1000% for “diamond engagement rings” as he’s sitting at #1 for the term. A lot of people are looking Diamond Geezer up on Google, not finding him, and going elsewhere instead – even more of a plug for SEO to help capture the benefits of traditional marketing.

    3. Felicity says:

      Ha, that’s genius. We’ll be getting speculative SEO firms next!

    4. G Charlton says:

      I made the point about his rankings on my blog post on diamondgeezer.com. I’m told by diamondgeezer that those Google positions were correct at the time of filming (6 months ago) but since then they have been penalised by Google.

    5. Thanks for clearing this up Graham. Interesting to see that the website’s taken such a drop in rankings, have to say I’m not too surprised after looking at some of the SEO tactics applied.

    6. What follows is a generic response which I hope brings clarity to a few issues raised in like articles and blogs.

      Hi, this IS Diamond Geezer as seen on Dragons’ Den July 28th 2008.

      Loving your work…….we know we have SEO issues at this time………but first an appeal – come on guys: just because we have consistently failed to identify good SEO consultants DOES NOT make us bad people or dodgy dealers. What exactly has an SEO problem got to do with quality of product or service we sell and provide? Our walls are dripping with DTI awards for excellence, staff training awards, website design awards, jewellery design awards and our customer testimonials sparkle. Sadly no SEO award – the only service we buy in. I’m confused, surely as we have paid for all this work over the years, your industry has so far failed us: not the reverse.

      Can I also point out that Dragons’ Den wasn’t live, a minor point that seems to have been missed by some less polite and accusing SEO people on various blogs. It was recorded months ago and as I stated very clearly on screen, the positions quoted were ‘yesterday’ I.E the day before recording. Please do remember that we are DIAMOND experts not SEO experts and we do spend and waste it seems, a lot of money within your industry in our quest that our SEO matches our quality of product and service. That means of course that if you have any criticisms about the SEO work on our site then please don’t forget it was done by one of your gang and in return we promise not to slag-off your jewellery ;-).

      Remember the Dragons wanted in, they respected that the business was doing well and going places, INSPITE OF RUBBISH SEO. Your saw 13 minutes of pure TV, I had a very full on, fun but hard, 2 hour 10 minute business meeting surrounded by cameras and production crew.

      Here’s where we are…..
      In position terms we did well last year [2007] and were holding top 5 positions by Christmas on important search words and phrases. Early into the New Year [2008] we started to tumble and by the time of the recording of Dragon’s Den were slipping onto second and third pages as is now well documented in the on screen reply to Dragon Peter Jones during the program. However as at the 30th July 2008, although we are holding positions on search engines other than Google, we have temporarily dropped off the Google radar, we’re being soft filtered. We now know that this was down to inappropriate actions by our last and now ex-SEO contractor and is being rectified by our current SEO experts. Even we accept that it will take some time to reverse, so now is not the time to judge their work. Dare I say……….. ‘Watch-this-Space’?

      I would like to share one small point of commercialism, a competitor with TWO sites that dominated the top Google positions through 2007 [no longer] turned over 1/3rd of the business that we did. Its not all about SEO and I hope our growth says a lot about the quality of our jewellery, service and brand reputation. I know, I know ‘just think what will happen when our SEO problem is resolved’.

      Hey here’s a idea – instead of having a pop at us, why not show us you skills and expertise and make some money. We invite you to contact us professionally at http://www.diamondgeezer.com/sell2us and tender, however it’s probably not a good idea to start your pitch by insulting or berating a potential client or their website with liberal use of Anglo Saxon, as so many of your brethren have via email.


    7. Thanks for the response Clive. The main purpose of the post was to highlight the importance of Google rankings towards valuing the potential of a business, as opposed to reviewing the effectiveness of the website’s SEO activity.

      The search rankings clearly influenced the dragons decision to offer investment and the fact that these rankings have disappeared since recording is largely irrelevant.

    8. Paul says:

      I think a lot of SEO’s will be watching Diamond Geezer and the work being carried out. I don’t think its fair to tarnish the industry because of your experiences. Anyway it made for good TV and its another move for the industry into mainstream channels.

    9. Gregor says:

      I feel sorry for him – he’s taken a punt on SEO and unfortunately gone with the wrong guy (or guys) and ended up getting screwed. I’m surprised that he didn’t name and shame the company.

      If I was him then I’d have a sucky opinion of the industry too. To then have emails apparently insulting him isn’t going to repair the damage either.

      I hope his current contractors sort out the mess and that he gets some success.

    10. I dont see him ranking anywhere. If someone is buying ranking placements in todays SERPs they have not done their homework on the industry or SE’s.

    11. Dave Shaw says:

      Wow I wish I had seen this! I might watch it on the iPlayer!

      I’m actually suprised that Google rankings made them want to invest. I think many businesses/people don’t realise the value of Google to their business. All credit to the Dragons for realising where the money is to be made these days.

    12. This sounds awesome! My site is number 8 in Google..^^ hmmm…maybe its worth a little higher..^^

    13. Brian says:

      It’s really discouraging to continue to hear these stories of SEOs who screw up a website b/c they used shady tactics. It makes us all look bad.

    14. Mark carter says:

      Classic, I missed the show. It is the one thing that winds me up, no point in having a killer page rank if the web site has the usability of a wet fish.
      Page ranks worth their weight in cash? Interesting concept indeed.

    15. [...] 31st July – Sell your #12 Google Ranking to Dragons Den for £255,000! (kevgibbo) People outside of the UK may not be familiar with the TV series Dragons Den, although the story is interesting on its own merits. In the show, millionaire investors listen to business pitches and decide which products they’d like to invest in. In last week’s show, a failing pitch from a diamond website was seemingly turned around by the mention of the site’s Google rankings. It was interesting to see how traditional entrepreneurs recognised the value in strong organic search rankings for competitive terms. The discussion on Sphinn was joined by the diamond website’s owner, who gave further insight into how the show was edited and his previous issues with incompetant SEO agencies. Direct Link: SEOptimise [...]

    16. So very refreshing to learn that there are professionals out there, thank you for your input – keep up the good work.

      Point of order
      The pitch was never failing, you saw and edited TV version. It starts with a simple formula; get two Dragons to crucify the entrepreneur – the good cop, bad cop approach makes for good telly and you’ll see it again and again. Please remember that as soon as we started talking BUSINESS the Dragons wanted in, I turned them down. It was the potential size of the market that switched them on not Google rankings. And I’m sorry to disappoint guys but the 97 seconds you see the Dragons talking about SEO in the edited broadcast was the only reference to SEO for the entire 2 hours 10 minutes I was in the Den. We all know that it should be longer

    17. TT says:

      “It was a pleasant surprise last night when one of Just Search’s clients appeared on Dragons Den.”

      This was posted on their blog but seems to have been taken down now (is still available in at

    18. SEO Chester says:

      I wish all the best to Diamond Geezer and hope to see their current SEO’s get them some top 10 Google rankings. The first thing I did after watching the show was spend an hour checking Diamond Geezer’s rank on the main SE’s.

    19. SEO Chester says:

      @TT, thanks for the link was interesting ;) Seems to have been de-indexed now tho.

    20. [...] which I perceived as quality content. Unfortunately no-one else agreed! Surprisingly the short and very quick posts which I didn’t think were anywhere near as interesting, seemed to grab the attention of [...]

    21. Iren Doo says:

      Very interesting, I wish I’d seen the show. I agree that It is very good that SEO got some media coverage.

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