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  • SEO and the Beautiful Game

    Websites carrying sports news should use search engine optimisation (SEO) to boost their viewing figures, a new report suggests.

    A study conducted by JupiterResearch concludes sporty websites could become leading internet businesses, as the hardcore fans are “avid consumers” of online video.

    It asserts websites which rank highly in the search results are likely to see traffic from a potentially lucrative audience, with wider potential revenue streams than advertising.

    Serious sports fans can then be targeted with online shopping options, paid video and ticketing, the research firm notes.

    If any sports webmasters are reading this, I am particularly keen to work on websites covering the premier league and Oxford United (and one day, ideally, the two together).

    However, for the more general marketer perusing this blog, I think this research highlights once again the importance of visibility and SEO.

    People turn to the web for support in every aspect of their lives; to shop, for sports and entertainment, and for news and information.

    The online audience is growing and businesses need to be easily found by consumers or they will lose them.


    One Response to “SEO and the Beautiful Game”

    1. Sherlock116 says:

      The problem with optimising sports websites is that sports new changes daily, and the websites that provide it generally pride themselves on being more up-to-date than the next. Google almost certainly won’t crawl them fast enough to pick up new stories. I personally think the only way these websites could use SEO it to target specific subjects eg. Transfer stories, upcoming fixtures etc

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