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SEO London Company (Subdomain Test)

SEO London Company (Subdomain Test)


By Kevin Gibbons / March 18, 2007

An SEOmoz post a couple of weeks ago talked about how search engines interpret links, what I found particularly interesting was this comment:
“I’ve also seen cases where subdomains appear not to receive or pass the full measure of this effect, which is why I always recommend that sites refrain from subdomain use unless there’s an especially good argument for them.”

I do agree with this statement, mainly because otherwise anyone starting a new blog on a blogspot or wordpress domain, for example, would be able to use the full weight of inbound links pointing to the entire domain to influence the search rankings, although this may still be true to a certain extent in MSN. It would be logical if the algorithm took into account the number of subdomains on a site to calculate how links to a different sub-domain should affect the whole site although I’m unsure if this is the case.

This blog uses a separate sub-domain, so thought I’d test out the difference in rankings between and for some SEO London keywords. Ideally it would have been nice to see the results if I had chosen to use a subfolder for the blog compared to using a subdomain, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how the inbound links to a subdomain are treated differently.

By using this blog post I’ve selected some keywords I’d like to target such as London SEO Services, SEO Company London and SEO consultant London. Using some keyword research tools I’ve found the most popular London SEO Keywords are:

SEO company London
London SEO service
London SEO services
SEO London
SEO consultant London
SEO specialist london
London placement SEO
London positioning SEO
London promotion SEO
SEO expert London
London SEO Company UK

Realistically I’m expecting these results to be more difficult to rank well for within Google than they were for SEO Oxford keywords, but I’m interested in seeing how well these perform. Rather than canibalising the keywords by having two pages targeting exactly the same keywords, I selected similar keywords for the www subdomain instead, based around London search engine optimisation searches. These keywords are similar in terms of competitiveness so the results should be interesting, to make the test fair I’ve used a similar amount of on-page factors, cross-linked each page to one another, the blog post will obviously be linked to from within this blogs archive so I’ve added an additional link to the search engine optimisation London page from the sitemap. Hopefully while I’m away over the next couple of weeks some good results will be achieved and I’ll be able to post a comparison of rankings when I return.

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