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How to Write the Perfect Headline 
Sometimes it can seem like the demands of SEO and clickability are fundamentally opposed, but this isn’t true. Your SEO team may want you to use keywords in the header and subheaders, but that doesn’t mean they have to be lengthy lists of keywords. With the right care and attention, your headlines can still be […]
What SEOs can learn from online journalists 
Journalists have been frantically learning SEO and social media techniques over recent years, so they can stay ahead online. But now some of them are so skilled that SEO teams could learn a few things from them too. From writing clickable headlines, to using Twitter to network, here are all the journo skills that I’ve […]
Why every department needs to care about SEO 
SEO used to be something that happened on the sidelines of a business, usually by some tech specialist in a separate office. It often seemed like it had very little to do with the rest of the organisation. But as the internet and what we do with it has changed, most firms have now realised […]
How will Google's 'transition rank' patent affect SEO? 
Recently, I read an interesting blog post by Barry Adams titled “The Adversarial Relationship between Google and SEO“. He argues that Google’s not an SEO’s friend but rather an adversary and cited quite an interesting patent filing by Google titled ‘Ranking Documents’. If you’re an SEO I’d strongly suggest you take the time to read this […]
Investigating Panda & Duplicate Content Issues 
During a recent analysis of a website (blog with less than 50k visitors a week), we came across some interesting factors that led to us taking a different approach to investigation. The Problem: The site faced 20-40% drop in traffic corresponding with periods in roll outs of the Panda Algorithm. The site saw a loss […]
Post Penguin Recovery: Link Removal Strategy for Back Link Profile Clean Ups 
Since the introduction of the Penguin update and what some SEOs like to call the BLOOPER algorithm (Back Link Over Optimisation Penalty Exterminates Rankings), it has become more important than ever to ensure your site has as clean a link profile as possible. Historically, most sites would have at least a few dodgy links, but […]
Google Introduces 'Hot Searches' in Google Trends 
It’s no secret that in today’s modern age, we’ve embraced a “search” based culture. Whether it’s a new artist you’ve heard of, a recipe you’ve read about, or even a news report you’ve just seen on TV; we’ve become more inclined to search about those subjects to find out more information to such a degree […]
The Future of Google & the Triple Convergence: Mobile, Social & the Knowledge Graph 
Lately, you might have noticed Google’s aggressive and frequent product announcements. With so much going on at Google during the past few weeks such as Google’s Penguin algorithm update, the Google Plus iPhone and Android app redesign, Google’s Knowledge Graph, Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, Google Maps being replaced by Google Plus Local and Google Shopping; […]
Google Acquires Motorola Mobility 
Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, announced today on their official blog that they’ve closed the deal on their purchase of Motorola Mobility. Explaining Google’s decision to enter the mobile business, Page wrote “many users coming online today may never use a desktop machine, and the impact of that transition will be profound–as will the ability […]
SEO & Social Media Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012 
The second day of SMX started with a panelist discussion on social shares, and top tips on how marketers are truly going to be influential. Here are the top takeaways from the first morning session with more to follow later on today! Social Shares | New Link Building from @LisaDMyers Rel=Author one of the key factors […]
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