SEOptimise 2006 Stats -

SEOptimise 2006 Stats

SEOptimise 2006 Stats


By Kevin Gibbons / December 29, 2006

As this blog started early in 2006 I thought I’d post some end of year stats.

Top 10 Posts:
How to increase StumbleUpon traffic
Google AdWords account snapshot
Google AdWords dynamic keyword insertion
Linkbait using Google AdWords
10 tips to getting started with Google AdWords
Crazy Egg website tracking
Google digital photo frames arrive in UK
A day in the life on an internet marketing consultant
Google AdWords geo-targeted ads accuracy
How to waste money on AdWords

Other Stats:
293 blog posts
Technorati Rank 94,938 (283 links from 36 blogs)
RSS Subscribers: 70
Alexa Rating 82,395 (3 months)
Yahoo Site Explorer 2,758 links (expect from this domain to entire site)
Google SEOptimise query 9,630 results

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