SMX Advanced Tips &Takeaways | SMX London 2012 |

SMX Advanced Tips &Takeaways | SMX London 2012

SMX Advanced Tips &Takeaways | SMX London 2012


By Daniel Bianchini / May 14, 2012

Schema & Authorship: 1 Year Layer

  • Hresume in microformats or schema job posting for positions, interesting!
  • Visit to find out when the next Google webmaster tools hangout is
  • Think of rich snippets as rich summaries, it must visible on the landing page.
  • Rich snippets are supposed to be short descriptions of the content on to the page, not a spam tactic
  • Google plus pages for publishers with rel=publishers to the publishers google plus page – ideal for Brands!
  • Authorship – use accurately for authors NOT publishers
  • Recommended tools: AWR and quixapp
  • Recommended tool: seo tools for excel – quickly pull data without being a developer
  • 21% CTR without rich snippet versus 26% CTR with rich snippet in one test
  • SERP Turkey is a b testing tool with SERPs
  • Copy the schema and chuck it into the rich snippet tool by google
  • Schema and micro formats enrich our SERPs (or pollute?)

Hardcore Local SEO Tactics

  • RIP geo sitemap support
  • Be alert to google map maker when it launches in UK (soon… We hope)
  • Mobilize local hero passionate supporters of your industry/product to translate ur brand/product into real world says @aleyda
  • Schema must be utilized for local content, use scheme creator or schema dentist
  • Flow of fresh and relevant localized content must push into real world with local badges for brick and mortar says @aleyda

Daniel Bianchini


Daniel Bianchini is the Director of Services at Having been in digital marketing since leaving University, Daniel has worked both agency side and in-house, working with many leading UK brands.

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