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    The simplest guide to better blogger partnerships – Part 1 
    Blogs. It’s hard to browse the web without stumbling across one. You name the topic, there’s someone blogging on it. Food? Of course. Babies? Everywhere. Fashion? Don’t get me started.  What’s more, many of these blogs are extremely popular, very well done and, for a continually rising amount of the creators, a financially viable full-time […]
    Put your user in the spotlight 
    First, let’s address why we should follow the premise of my bold headline statement. In PPC, the buck stops at the user. Fundamentally, the key to capturing that all-important conversion is to understand that user. To achieve this you need to place your users at the centre of your thinking, working outwards from them to […]
    Social Media: Building Communities 
    Has your boss ever come to you and asked, “So what is our Facebook growth rate?” and your first thought is, ‘ermm…?!’ Yes – it’s a pretty daunting question. The thing is, social media isn’t as easy as tracking some numbers and then *poof* you magically have your answer. Although you can track data, you […]
    The Rise Of Social Media – What Brands Need To Know 
    Last week my colleague Shaad Hamid and I were invited to the Business School at Oxford Brookes University to talk about the rise of Social Media and what it means for businesses. Here are the slides from our presentation: [slideshare id=12018609&doc=oxfordbrookespowerpoint14032012-120315070742-phpapp01] Top Take Aways Social Media is no longer restricted by region, demographic or age. […]
    The Art of Setting Facebook KPIs 
    The real value of internet marketing is in the ease of setting up analytics by communication channel, measuring performance of campaigns and thereby directing/redirecting valuable marketing budget toward campaigns that yield higher return. Therefore, setting clear marketing KPIs is crucial before implementing any online marketing activity. It must be reiterated that executing marketing campaigns in […]
    How To Optimise Your Facebook Page 
    New Facebook Page Developments The ‘new’ timeline layout that Facebook users have recently had to get used to is now being rolled out to Facebook Pages too. Along with new real-time Facebook insights, brands really have an opportunity to develop their Facebook marketing strategy and create added value for users. The new timeline for brands […]
    Drapers Ecommerce 2012 – Top 32 Tweets, Thoughts and Take-Aways 
    About Drapers Ecommerce 2012 Yesterday saw the annual Drapers Ecommerce Conference at America Square, London, a truly star studded event where some of the hottest brands in fashion this year (including My-Wardrobe, Reiss and Boohoo) came together to talk and discuss the changing dynamics of the World Wide Web, with 5 exciting agendas on the […]
    5 Powerful Facebook Guerilla Marketing Tips to Outsmart Competitors 
    Continuing from my previous post, 11 tips for a better Facebook ad campaign, I thought I’d share with you some simple yet powerful tactics to outsmart your competitors and reach out to your target audience. Facebook offers some incredible targeting options, so here are my five top tips to get the most out of these […]
    Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategy – Did Your Brand Get it Right? 
    St. Valentine’s Day has become one of the biggest events in the retail calendar. Second only to Christmas, it is a huge money maker for brands, with 32% of gifts being bought online. In America, it is expected that a whopping $3.5billion will be spent on jewellery alone. Men are the biggest spenders, buying all […]
    11 tips for a better Facebook ad campaign 
    As I have found out the hard way, Facebook ad production is extremely labour-intensive. Therefore it is imperative that you incorporate an effective ad production workflow to best utilise your time. Here are eleven tips I’ve been able to come up with over the past few months. Understanding the account structure  In the Facebook Ads […]
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