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    Using Social Media for SEO Benefit – Travel Presentation @ SAScon 2011 
    Another quick post, but here’s my presentation from SAScon 2011 this afternoon. This was on how to use social media for SEO benefit in the travel industry. SAScon 2011 Travel SEO Presentation – Kevin Gibbons If you have any questions about this just let me know in the comments.
    Video Blog: ROI – Social Media vs. SEO 
    Today, Daniel Bianchini and I thought we’d create a video blog post discussing the difference between return on investment on social media and search engine optimisation. We hope this will be the first in a long line of video blogs by SEOptimise. We hope you enjoy it and provide us with your valuable comments below […]
    30 Very Useful Twitter Tools You Must Be Aware Of 
    * There are numerous ways of using Twitter for everything from business to fun. The key to using Twitter effectively is the use of tools. Without tools, Twitter can be overwhelming and difficult to fathom. There are numerous tools that allow you to sift through this massive resource of latest news, links and gossip. So […]
    Google Test: Multiple Meta Descriptions Work as Expected, Social Search Does Not 
    A few weeks ago Shark SEO posted an intriguing experiment about multiple meta descriptions. To be more exact, he experimented with adding more than one meta description into a single meta description tag. One or more actual meta descriptions would exceed the meta description display character limit of approx. 165 characters. Why would you want to do […]
    40 Google +1 SEO Resources 
    By now I’m quite weary of the manifold failed attempts by Google to enter the social media arena. We had: Google Answers Google Bookmarks Google SearchWiki Google SideWiki Jaiku Google Wave Google Buzz to name just the most known failed or abandoned Google social media services. As with most of the previous offerings, last week’s Google +1 […]
    Can You Get a New Domain Ranking Using Just Facebook Likes & Tweets? 
    The short answer, yes. Recently I decided to run an experiment to find out how Google was treating social signals – so I set up a brand new domain (http://www.yogamatcompare.com) with 0 backlinks and started acquiring likes and tweets to the domain. Today, just a week after registering the domain, the site ranks for ‘Indian […]
    Twitter Netiquette: 10 Reasons to Unfollow Someone 
    * It’s 2011 and by now I expect most people to know what Twitter is and how it works. Still, many people who should know better commit unpleasant mistakes – or rather they ignore the Twitter netiquette. They do things that make me unfollow them. I’m on Twitter for business and I expect to get […]
    33 Quora Q&A Resources: get actual ROI out of using it 
    * The hype of 2011 is Quora, the new Q&A site that attempts to become much better than Yahoo Answers by aiming at high quality replies.​ Everybody and his mum is on Quora it seems, especially SEO industry leaders like Rand Fishkin or Danny Sullivan. ​I’m not very active at Quora yet but I watch […]
    Social Media – Why an SEO background is better than PR! 
    I’m debating on a Who Owns the Social Space event at a social media week in London next week – so I thought it would be a good idea to outline why I think an SEO background is better! Image credit: Flickr Back in 2009 I attempted to write a balanced view on where social […]
    30 Ways to Use Social Media for Business People 
    * While we Web professionals may assume that virtually everybody is using social media these days it’s far from the truth. People use social media but businesses don’t. A recent study shows that 94% of businesses actually do not use social media even for the most obvious task it’s good for: Getting feedback. That’s akin […]
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