Strange Yahoo! SERPs Results -

Strange Yahoo! SERPs Results

Strange Yahoo! SERPs Results


By Kevin Gibbons / February 9, 2007

When searching to see which sites were listed for a Yahoo! search on SEOptimise I found that none of the results were relevant and they all had something to do with soroptimist instead!

Here’s a screenshot of the Yahoo! SERPs (click image for full size):

The results list the sites I would have expected to see with a suggestion of “Did you mean: soroptimist”. This makes far more sense to show the correct results alongside the suggestion rather than just forwarding to what they thought I meant.

I’ve submitted for a Yahoo! directory listing this week so hopefully this will help to return results related to SEOptimise when searching on

I also found another surprising result listed for the same search and an “SEOptimise blog” query on Yahoo! UK. Instead of listing the correct page title it displayed the blog owner/poster name instead, the correct title is listed however for the label page in 2nd place:

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