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  • Survey: People Who Quit Twitter Out of Boredom Haven't Tried Hard Enough

    This week’s Twitter column is about a very intriguing survey by Neicole Crepeau. She surveyed 336 Internet users asking them several questions about their Twitter usage and perception. The most note-worthy finding is that most of those who have quit Twitter did it out of boredom.

    At the same time these people didn’t use Twitter in a way that made Twitter interesting in the first place. So in a way it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: You use Twitter in a boring way and you quickly get bored of it.

    I don’t want to argue that Twitter is interesting beyond doubt and for everybody. It depends of course. Neicole Crepeau has gathered data that suggests it was their own fault though.

    Most people who have quit Twitter did it after a month or less. Moreover they have followed only 10 people or less and used solely the Twitter website (no external tools or clients). That’s like making your feet wet in a puddle and then saying that “swimming sucks”. They haven’t tried hard enough.

    To make Twitter work you have to jump in head first and submerge in the stream for a while.

    That’s maybe too abstract as an advice so I’ll suggest some ways how beginners can make the Twitter experience less boring from the start.

    1. Follow at least 50 people but not more than 500 at the beginning to have enough but not too much to read.
    2. Focus on 3 topics you want to read about on Twitter, in my case it’s SEO, blogging and social media.
    3. Search for popular tweets and people covering your topics using tools like Topsy and Tweetmeme and pick the best users to follow.
    4. Organize your Twitter experience by external tools like Tweetdeck or Echofon and internal tools like Twitter lists and favorite users aka “top friends”.
    5. Connect your website and blog to Twitter to make sure to get enough followers yourself. Ask your readers to follow.
    6. Stay on Twitter for a few months and check your tweets a few times a week at least.
    7. Reply and retweet and also start conversation yourself by asking general questions where many people can contribute.

    You see it’s not that difficult. Now in case Twitter is still boring OK, you have tried hard enough. Of course you need time and effort but Twitter is not about passive lurking, it’s social networking.

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    7 Responses to “Survey: People Who Quit Twitter Out of Boredom Haven't Tried Hard Enough”

    1. Cal says:

      This is a great article for Twitter newbies. Can relate, giving up only after a couple weeks, thinking a total waste of time. Coming back delving into again, giving Twitter a better chance, now don’t know what I’d do without it. Matter of fact, when I die, I hope they bury me with my Blackberry. Twitter is the greatest social media outlet that can have profound impact on SERP’s now major search engines have contracted with Twitter for direct feeds. :)

    2. sord87 says:

      I found out twitter is quite the most interesting and challenging social site,we have to go through it not like facebook or any others.Twitter would be fun if we know how to adjust along with it if not Twitter would male you feel bored with all the post.What the survey has found is just a few people who quit Twitter for no concrete sign up reason.I got a concrete reason to stay in Twitter for now!

    3. Never used it, never will. I’ve got no use for the “data” that’s flowing there.

    4. CleverStat says:

      I beleive all twitter users are divided into 3 categories:
      1. Those who write – they usually have the whole bunch of followers, but follow not that much people them selves).
      2. Those who read – they follow many twitts all around, but do not have much followers.
      3. Those who promote them selves. They are using all kinds of twitter “marketing” so they follow more or less the same number of users as they are being followed by.

      Since the number 2 category is the biggest, the reson of boredom “Nothing to read” is the most popularof all. The number 3 category users simply don’t read any tweets as they’re using automatic twitter tools. Number 1 are quite interested in the whole process and thus do not get bored soon.

    5. Clever

      Don’t forget Cat 5 – those using (or trying to) merely to Black Hat Spam the search engines for rankings.

      This is a growing group which will probably overtake some of those other categories.

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    7. Saturnino says:

      You’d think with the multi gazillion dollars of investment that twitter could buy some more servers.

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