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  • The Lazy Bloggers Guide to Quality Content & Social Media Success

    I’ve been blogging for the last three years now and one of the most important things I’ve learnt is readers don’t have the time (or attention span) to read through long detailed posts. Concise, attractive looking posts grab the attention of readers and performs far more effectively almost every time.

    I figured this out the hard way, spending hours writing up long posts which I perceived as quality content. Unfortunately no-one else agreed! Surprisingly the short and very quick posts which I didn’t think were anywhere near as interesting, seemed to grab the attention of readers, commenter’s and social media audiences.

    5 reasons why you should forget about writing the perfect piece of quality content

    Image Credit: Flickr

    1) Ditch the long paragraphs – no-one reads them!
    Is it worth describing point 1 in detail here? Chances are that readers will skim over the title and skip to point 2! So off to point 2…

    2) A diagram paints a thousand words
    An informative diagram will be quicker to understand and instantly provide an overview of the post. Additional content can be added to back-up the post for users who are looking for more detail, without the need for reading through everything for those who aren’t so interested.

    3) A picture doesn’t even need to paint three words!
    Images make the page look attractive and can be the difference between a StumbleUpon thumbs up or a user leaving the site before the browser even loads.

    4) Spend your time researching a large number of bullet points instead of copywriting
    As interesting as the post might be, if it looks long-winded it will probably get ignored. If you have a bullet-pointed list full of useful information or links, for example, users are likely to scan through each item and bookmark to finish later.

    5) A boring headline = no-one reads your post
    You might have thousands of website visitors or RSS subscribers, but no matter how good the post is, it’s likely to get skipped if the headline is dull. Put more of your copywriting effort into considering the headline and the reward should be far greater.

    So there you have it, it’s simple – blogging’s all about headlines, lists & images! Maybe you should try it yourself, drop the hours of copywriting and watch the social media votes roll in! ;)


    20 Responses to “The Lazy Bloggers Guide to Quality Content & Social Media Success”

    1. Adi says:

      Ordinarily I’d entirely agree, but you get the odd blog such as the one by Avinash Kaushik that is chock full of very long and valuable posts.

    2. Ryan says:

      Hey, I am going to have to fully agree with this post for one main reason, item #3. As an East Coast dweller (Maryland/DC) I have to say the pic you added made me want to jump on a plane to paradise ASAP. So needless to say you had me at hello on that one. I read the post all the way through mainly because of that. :)

    3. @muunkky says:

      You have me pegged to a “T”. I had a hard time reading all five points. my attention started waning around point 4, but the picture had me at “hello”.

    4. Patrick says:

      I agree with Ryan….that pic is brilliant, and sold the entire post with no problem. Very creative and inspiring.

    5. Yura says:

      But of course, no one reads books, too.

    6. Phil says:

      Could it have anything to do with:
      1) most people are lazy
      2) the web makes them EVEN laziers
      3) there are WAY too many blogs out there, where people write useless drivel that no one cares about?

      Regardless of the reasons though, I believe you are correct :)

    7. Busby says:

      if is an interesting article I’m sure reader will read it in full.

    8. Marc Beharry says:

      i seriously concur

    9. Roundup Thursday for the Week of 11/2/08 | Techno & Internet Blog says:

      [...] shares the lazy blogger’s guide to quality content and social media success. It’s short and sweet. Go check it [...]

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      [...] Speaking of blogging, getting visitors to leave comments is sort of of like icing on the cake. Getting them to even read your post is the first challenge. At SEOptimise, the oddly-titled “The Lazy Bloggers Guide to Quality Content & Social Media Success” offers 5 reasons why you should forget about writing the perfect piece of quality content. [...]

    11. jamesw says:

      hmmm, i read this particular blog precisely because you have great, long, informative posts that noone else in SEO does as good.

    12. Thanks for the comment jamesw, I think it’s important to find the right balance between informative/detailed posts and the fun posts targeted for linkbait.

      There’s definitely some very valuable detailed posts out there, it’s just without the catchy headline, eye-catching images and easy-to-read writing style they don’t normally perform very well with social media audiences.

    13. Bill Adam says:

      nice tips on social media optimization thanks

    14. If you prefer diagrams and pictures to long paragraph of text, then you will be missing important keywords which is very important for SEO as visitors found your article in search engines through keywords.

    15. Link Love - Tuesday 11/11/2008 says:

      [...] The Lazy Bloggers Guide to Quality Content & Social Media Success on SEoptimise. Cool post by Kevin Gibbons for lazy bloggers, yes I like it much because i also feel that I am a Lazy blogger. [...]

    16. pinksage says:

      Agreed! I think blogs that are to the point, resourceful and display the writers “voice” are really the best ones.

    17. Jesue Walker says:

      I agree totally with all of the above both comments and your points. You know I love reading and often thought about mulling over content to make sure every I was dotted and T was crossed but quick works. The picture was awesome for me be/ I love gadgets and technology. Oh foowee I’m going to long in my comment…didn’t you just teach us not to do that lol. Great blog I’ll be back for more

    18. Well, it largely depends on the niche. As Adi mentioned, Avinash always post in-depth long articles and draws huge traffic. The topic of his blog demands long comprehensive posts.

      On the other hand let’s take another example of listfied dot com. Here M. Siyab post useful and informative lists. Not much scope of writing long text, but still his posts are hit and draws massive traffic.

      My experience says, it all depends on the niche and your audience.

    19. Matt Keegan says:

      Long articles have their place on some blogs, so I can’t agree with you that they are always wrong. However, I am certain that if people take the time to proof what they write with an eye toward trimming some of the fluff, they’ll come up with a much more interesting read, one that will engage the reader and encourage commenting.

    20. [...] for the web, brighten up your posts, use bullet points and keep them [...]

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