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  • The upper echelons of the online elite

    One of the interesting things about the search engine industry is how fast it develops, moves and changes. A few short years ago, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were students and now they are some of the youngest billionaires in the world.

    The tactics for optimising websites have also changed. Google, Yahoo! and the other major portals want to deliver results which will be useful and interesting to the searchers, forcing websites to abandon black-hat tactics or risk their pages being penalised by increasingly sophisticated algorithms.

    In a way, this means that search engines are driving the continuous improvement of the online experience. By ensuring only websites containing useful information or selling popular products and services penetrate the important results page one, search engines have almost created an elite upper layer of the internet.

    Furthermore, with an overwhelming majority of British web users turning to search engines as they hunt for the information they require, this means that a company cannot afford to flounder on page six of the results.

    As the algorithms become ever more sophisticated, the need for a carefully considered search engine optimisation strategy alongside other online marketing tactics will become increasingly important.


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