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By Andy MacDonald / March 13, 2008

As I’ve said many times, frequent, timely posts that prompt conversation can propel your site into the limelight. At the root of it all is posting. You have to do it, and (as with all things in life) if you dedicate both time and an effective system toward that process, you’ll be a success.

Finding the time to blog can be a challenge, and even many of the high-visibility bloggers find it tough to squeeze in several posts a day. Many say that if you religiously schedule an hour or two daily toward research and posting, you’ll be able to achieve the momentum required. Many find that early mornings or late nights provide for quality blogging time. Whatever your schedule permits, a focused set of minutes, or hours, each day dedicated toward monitoring, reflection, and writing will serve you well.

The specifics of how you work is up to you, but here is a process to blogging that works for me and many others. Begin by taking inventory of comments that have come in. You may need to respond, or a reader may have provided a link for you to investigate or expand upon. Your readers are the heart and soul of the blog conversation and will often give you great leads to follow up on. I wrote a post on this subject just last week named Start The Blogging Conversation.

Next, review your email. A significant amount of relevant material can come in from the friends, family, and associates sending articles your way. I save these tidbits into a special folder for retrieval when it’s time to get posting. Even emails containing non-public information may yield insights that can lead to informative posts. As your blog becomes popular, you’ll find that your readers will send you related items to post on.

Peruse those few key sites that contain information vital to your editorial arena that don’t issue RSS feeds. If you are a regular visitor, and discover new material there, there is a chance that it hasn’t been posted on yet, and you can have a blogosphere “scoop.” I love those sites that the other bloggers aren’t paying close attention to.

At this stage, you may have identified some time-sensitive items that should be blogged about ASAP. If you have, get those up immediately. If not, continue on to gather more possible editorial fodder.

Next, take some time to review your traffic stats. You may discover that clicks are coming in from a source that you hadn’t been aware of. Knowing who is talking about you, and gathering some insights from a visit to their site can provide you with unforeseen editorial ideas.

Then review your newsreader for the latest updates. Most of these applications have features that allow you to flag items for posting, so you can sweep through many entries and set aside those that you want to come back to later. It’s not unreasonable to filter out hundreds of items an hour, so depending on how much time you dedicate, it’s conceivable that you can peruse the contents of several hundred Web sites in one day.

Applying a systematic approach to your posting can provide a means for you to write more and better posts each day. While you should not necessarily adopt my specific method to your individual process, I hope that you find a few helpful tips here that you can apply where appropriate.

What are yout tips when it comes to finding the time to blog? Do you have a set routine, or just blog when you get the time? Id be interested to hear your views on this subject, by leaving a comment below.

Guest post by Andy MacDonald from Swift Media. The Blogging & Marketing Tips for Webmasters Blog.

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