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  • Twitter Friday: Teens DO Tweet, Don’t They?

    Teenagers partying

    The Teenagers is a Creative Commons image by Palliativo.

    Two weeks ago Twitter Friday dealt with teenagers not using Twitter as much as expected. While both the NYT and statistics seemed to have a valid point about teens not tweeting other sources seem to prove exactly the opposite.

    Social media giant @zaibatsu has shared one of them on StumbleUpon “OMG, Twittering teens are changing the dictionary“. So the relatively small percentage of tweeting teenagers has some big impact on both Twitter and language it seems. Or, maybe the numbers are misleading?

    Maybe teenagers fool us by not telling their age, you know like when buying alcohol or entering a club?

    Just joking but there is some truth to it, on the Web nobody knows that you’re a dog or maybe a teen. Well, another statistic proves that in reality there is a youth invasion on Twitter to prepare for. While the negative study was conducted by Nielsen NetRatings this new numbers stem from competitor Comscore. Also TechCrunch cites other stats according to which teenagers actually tweeting are doing it more often and actively than adults.

    WTF? Who is right who is wrong?

    In a way both are sides of the story are probably true to some extent. Obviously teenagers have more time to spend so even if more adults tweet the smaller number of teenagers can achieve more.

    Last time I didn’t debate whether teens do tweet or not, or at least it wasn’t the purpose of my post. Some of the points I raised to explain the phenomenon still hold true. Teens might not tweet yet or only some of them but when they grow up they will tweet. It’s like saying teens don’t drink or drive cars and then concluding that cars and alcohol soon will become obsolete. Twitter is perfect as a networking tool for professionals. Teenagers have other tools to socialize and communicate that are not suited for professionals.

    So all in all it does not really matter whether teens actually tweet already, soon or only when they grow up.

    Sooner or later they most probably will unless by then Twitter goes the way of Friendster and the next big thing makes Twitter seem obsolete. Meanwhile don’t forget to collect your contacts in some social CRM app or web app. I suggested one here. Once Twitter becomes stale you might want to keep your contacts.

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    1. Randy Kemp says:

      That’s for this informative article regarding teens and Twitter. It enlightened to to things I didn’t know regarding today’s teen generation.

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