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  • Twitter Optimization Part 5: 10 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

    Creative Commons Image by striatic.

    While microblogging and foremost Twitter is booming many people still oppose the service, that is, do not understand the use of it. Most of these people just don’t get it, others just want to get some attention for “thinking different”.

    There are some die hard business people among them though, who ask, as usual in such cases, where’s the ROI in it?

    The hard core of those won’t let “connections, attention, branding etc.” count. They want to see $$$. They want to make money on Twitter for it to make sense. I’m not one of those people but I understand that mindset very well. After contributing to the Web for for more than a decade as media activist, blogger and social media “user generated content” contributor I’m wary by now of companies earning money on my back without anything for me in it.

    So no matter whether you’re a die hard business person or the altruistic Web enthusiast, you surely will be delighted to learn about 10 Ways to make money on Twitter.

    Of course making money always alienates some people, especially those who haven’t made money yet in their life time but also there are legitimate concerns. So it’s also important to be able to maintain integrity while making money on Twitter.

    1. Tweeting professionally
    Become a professional Twitter contributor for a company. Plenty of companies out there hurry to join the social media realm. Most of them are not prepared. They need people who are. Those who know the inner workings of blogging, social media and search are always welcome. It’s the same with Twitter. Soon enough the job boards will be flooded with “Seeking Twitter Pros”.

    2. Selling
    Sell stuff on Twitter, special offers for Twitter followers are common by now. Even Dell does it. Dell, once only ridiculed for it’s legendarily bad customer service has by now managed to be one of the most innovative companies in social media. They sure now how to answer the “social media phone”.

    3. Micro Fundraising
    Why not combine the two hugely successful “micro” ways of doing things, microblogging and microfunding? How does it work? As a Twestival for instance. Or like this.

    4. Promoting Music
    This new service called Tra.kz combines a short URL service with a market place and a music community. If you ask me this sounds much better than the music industry or the iTunes monopoly on selling music online.

    5. Advertising
    I’ve noticed a Twitter ads service you can join which looks professional enough not to appear spammy: Magpie. I haven’t tried it yet so I’d like to hear from those who have joined these whether they earned actual money without scaring off their followers. Magpie ads start with an “#magpie” but look like regular tweets which might be misleading for your followers. Another Twitter ad solution is Twitadd. This service places banner ads on your Twitter page .

    6. Affiliate Marketing
    As short URL services also disguise affiliate links you can even sneak in those without most people noticing. While I do not condone that I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing to get commission from services you already support. I myself support some and have used affiliate links in my tweets already, warning my followers that “I’m biased” or using an actual “[Aff]” warning.

    7. Looking around
    Look for business opportunities on Twitter. I got this job on Twitter, yes, I replied to a tweet and then started blogging a SEOptimise! I didn’t even try hard or look after it for that matter. Imagine then looking to find a freelance job on purpose. I see tweets daily saying things like “looking for x programmmer”.

    8. Offering Twitter Apps
    Many companies offer Twitter apps for free. The Twitter API has resulted in a plethora of useful and fun applications but recently more and more professional applications appear on the Web. Those offer premium versions or could do in the future. Selling anything from Twitter analytics to Twitter CMSs like HootSuite (formerly known as BrightKit) makes sense for business. Thus people would also pay for it.

    9. Reviewing on Twitter
    I assume that some people already practice what you could call “pay per tweet”. You can’t really review a product on Twitter like on a blog but you can mention it. I haven’t seen this actually happen yet. Like with paid reviews and bought votes elsewhere this is a difficult topic. As far as I know Twitter does not allow that. While I can understand that, it does not make sense from the user perspective that you are not allowed to advertise on your own content. Similar to placing affiliate links in tweets an ethical way of placing paid links in tweets could look like this “[Ad] New cool app: http://newcoolapp.com”

    10. Twitter Consulting
    While working on this Twitter optimization series I found out that despite Twitter being so simple and limited, there’s a myriad of ways to use it for all kinds of purposes. It’s just that you won’t know them unless you try or somebody tells you. I assume that many companies will need Twitter consultants, speciaists who teach them how to use Twitter in their particular niche, industry and situation.

    Did you like this post? It’s part 5 of my twitter optimization series. Also make sure to check

    Here’s the overview.

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    17 Responses to “Twitter Optimization Part 5: 10 Ways to Make Money on Twitter”

    1. michelle says:

      While Twitter is a social site it is truly a blessing for those looking to connect with people of the same mind and business. By connecting on Twitter you are able to develop a network of professionals that have the same the business principle and business experience that you can feed off of and grow. It is amazing how much experience there is in a community like that. Being a “green” company I can gain knowledge and ideas even though it is in a social setting for sharing. Twitter and other sites like it are a necessary tool in success today to make it in a world coneected by the internet.

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    3. There are other ways to take advantage of Twitter, like I know some companies that pay Tweeple with large numbers of followers to tweet about their company or their products. Though I’m not sure how ethical this is.

    4. links for 2009-02-14 | Seth Goldstein Online says:

      [...] Twitter Optimization Part 5: 10 Ways to Make Money on Twitter | SEOptimise While microblogging and foremost Twitter is booming many people still oppose the service, that is, do not understand the use of it. Most of these people just don’t get it, others just want to get some attention for “thinking different”. (tags: twitter SEO seooptimize) [...]

    5. Young says:

      souds good, but hard for me to archive.

    6. I really wonder what impact Twitter will have in -say- 5 years from now.
      People still talk about Napster now, because it added value to users. But how many people are still talking sometimes about HotorNot? (except for me know of course…).

    7. Justin Parks says:

      I enjoyed this article and would like to read the other steps from the start. no luck however, its a nasty nasty 404 page.

    8. Tad Chef says:

      Thanks Justin! Now fixed! The WordPress add link dialog is so small you can’t see the whole link, just a tiny part of it. I guess I have to click every single link from now to test.

      DTW: I think Twitter will be the most common thing in 5 years and nobody will talk about it. Like nobody questions blogging anymore.

      Young: Archive? Use Delicious.

      Danilo: It’s #9 of the list IMHO. :-)

    9. atommedia says:

      A nice twitter with some interesting observations, problem with this type of sell is it’s a pretty broad audience

    10. steve says:

      Nice article – we try to move a daily premium domain via twitter.

    11. Petri Maatta says:

      Great job of collecting all the data. I completely agree with you, these methods are 100% doable and achievable.

    12. prasanna says:

      Nice article .Twitter has a great potential to become best social marketing website.
      You can make more money with your own twitter profile. This link show you how to do that http://be-a-magpie.com/aoby5g

    13. Kris says:

      Great, really thought provoking, Twitter has grown to have over 105 million users and really its only very new. Twitter will create opportunities for those who can see outside the square, Twitters use will probably permeate into alll areas of society and experts will be needed. Major offline companies are just starting to realise the power of Social Media Marketing.

      Need some Twitter Marketing Tips visit my site http://itweet2u.com

    14. I never thought I would be making a living on twitter without lifting a finger..

    15. Twitter Power Secret says:

      Twitter appears on innumerable personal and professional websites nowadays, whether it is a simple “Follow me” badge in the header or a display of the author’s latest tweets in the sidebar.

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