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  • What Microsoft Yahoo deal means to SEO

    Apparently Microsoft might be buying Yahoo, a move that would have quite a big effect on SEO.

    If the deal goes through then Microsoft is likely to pool the search algorithms and create something that can really rival Google. They would have a ready made market share and could pose a threat over the long term. In the UK I don’t think anybody would notice because Google is too far ahead but in the US the effect would be much larger.

    One alternative theory is that Google will take over Yahoo, they are cash rich and wouldn’t want their dominant position to the threatened. I think if Google can make the deal they should grab the chance with both hands.


    5 Responses to “What Microsoft Yahoo deal means to SEO”

    1. Google News seems to think that “Microsoft is paying more than anyone else would be willing to pay for Yahoo.”, story from New York Times.

      So does this means Windows Live/MSN will be merged into Yahoo!? It’ll be interesting to see what this means for Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter too if the deal goes through.

    2. Anthony says:

      I have to disagree with this move by Microsoft. Yahoo is a sinking ship, they have invested heavily in using ‘content’ to lure people to their website. While Google has focused squarely on better search results. In this situation yahoo gambled and has lost.

      After yahoo’s ongoing talk of restructuring this last year, accepting Microsofts bid effectively proves by admission they have failed and cannot compete on their own. On the other hand, a Yahoo buy from Microsoft shows they too don’t have what it takes to compete against Google in the new market.

      I don’t think combining two struggling companies is going to do anything but cause more grief for them. Look at the Time Warner – AOL Deal awhile back. Yahoo & Microsoft have even less synergy going into this then TW/AOL.

      This is a good day for Google if it happens.

    3. i must it really is happening…

    4. if the team-up happens, it’ll going to be a big threat for Google for sure.

    5. An interesting post. I think this sort of deal has been on the cards for quite a while now. People have been talking about Yahoo! & Microsoft merging for years now, and for the search industry as a whole, i actually think it will be a good move.

      I am personally a Google user, and always have been, however i think Google are getting a little too big for their boots, and need knocking down a peg or two, and a merger between Yahoo & Microsoft might just be the kind of knock that Google deserves.

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