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  • SES London Video – What Should Google do with the Black Hats?

    This was the question asked to many SEO’s back at SES London in an excellent video put together by Jonathan Allen from Incisive Media. Look out for Richard halfway through:

    So what do you think Google should do with them? Please feel free to leave your comments and join the discussion on the SES Facebook group.


    20 Responses to “SES London Video – What Should Google do with the Black Hats?”

    1. Sonny Truyen says:

      Send black hats to Australia eh? I resent that! We’re not THAT dodgy :P

    2. Agent SEO says:

      I suggest a cage match!!!

    3. ‘There’s no such thing… it’s what you can get away with’ FTW

    4. Sonny, does that mean SMX Sydney is a black-hat event? :)

    5. Sonny Truyen says:

      You will just have to come next year and see I reckin.. I do remember lots of interesting stuff being talked about at the back of our drunken boatload of SEOs

    6. Would love to go back to Sydney, it’s a long way to go for a conference but could be a good excuse!

    7. Really glad to see this go hot on Sphinn!

      What i find funny is the way that naturally everyone started to just started referring to black hats as pirates.

      Make em all wear eye patches!

    8. tahir says:

      they get penalized by search engine sooner than later, so i think we should not bother

    9. Lucas Ng says:

      I love this video, especially the comments of blackhats or ‘former’ blackhats in there…

      Also, Mike Grehan, we’re not offended, please do send all the blackhats over to Australia :)

      Every conferences should be filled with videos like this – entertaining and showing the lighter side of our industry. Made my Friday!

    10. http://GrapeGrowerWineMaker.com says:

      As a true BH pirate, I promise (on my pirate’s honor) to wear my black eye-patch at all times so that mighty G may easily identify and consign all my websites to Hades, never to be ranked again in the sight of decent folk…………

    11. deregular says:

      Hahahaha, too funny.

      Tried to write a cool comment, but I keep buckling over laughing at the sheer irony of it all. LOL

    12. Arrrr. Make’ em walk th’ plank!

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    15. Nice video :)

      “there is no such thing as black hats, it’s what you can get away with”

    16. Dare says:

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with black hats they are just people that want short term and don’t have the patience for long term results.

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