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Why Digg is better than Google

Why Digg is better than Google


By Patrick Altoft / September 5, 2007

Google is without doubt the most useful of websites for those of us who know what we are looking for. Type a simple query and a list of accurate results are displayed in a fraction of a second.

Unfortunately most people don’t quite know that they are looking for online. Some are in search of fun sites to waste a few hours on while a large proportion want to read interesting news without the boring bits that only other people like.

This is why sites like Digg, StumbleUpon & Reddit have become the webs default resources for people who don’t quite know what they are looking for until they find it.

One trend in the years since Digg became a mainstream tech site is that a lot of websites have ridden the wave of popularity that Digg has enjoyed and become major tech news sites as a result.

Ars Technica

Despite the fact arstechnica.com has been around since 1997 it didn’t really hit the mainstream until late 2005 as the Alexa chart above shows quite clearly. The traffic spike at the end of 2005 corresponds with the Digg activity below. Those of you familiar with the history of Digg will know that Ars had hit the homepage before on several occasions but this was the first time the site had a lot of 1000+ Diggs in quick succession.

Diggs Growth Rate
Checking the Alexa rankings of all the sites that we see on Digg every day reveals that most of them track the growth rate of Digg very accurately. Sites that we love to read were simply not being discovered until Digg became mainstream.

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