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  • Why you need to learn about Targeted Linkbait

    Sometimes the aim of a linkbait article is simply to attract as many links as possible from all different types of website. Whilst this is great fun sometimes your time is better spent targeting a particular topic rather than creating generic linkbait articles. Generic linkbait will still help the general rankings of your site but it isn’t as effective at improving your rankings for a particular keyword set as a targeted linkbait article focused around your chosen topic.

    Targeted linkbait is quite different and much harder to pull off successfully than generic linkbait. Quite often the niche you are targeting is quite small and the number of sites that could potentially link to you is greatly reduced. Finding inspiration in a small niche can be quite challenging so you really can’t afford to have too many failures.

    Let’s imagine you are trying to improve your gardening websites ranking for the term “Tuilps” using targeted linkbait. The first step would be to create a high quality article about Tulips and devise a marketing plan to attract links from relevant websites.

    You will be aware of the popular gardening blogs already and hopefully have a working relationship with the writers so emailing them a link to your post won’t be a problem. Ideally you may have dropped a few outgoing links into the post to flatter peoples egos and further increase your chances of a link.

    Other linking opportunities will exist in niche social media sites and possibly even StumbleUpon.

    As you can probably see the list doesn’t go on for ever and finding blogs and link hubs for gardening resources isn’t ever going to be an easy task. Compare the difficulty of this to writing and promoting a post about the iPhone or a new Google product and you can see how hard it will be to attract links.

    Luckily the rewards for creating a successful targeted linkbait are far more immediate and visible than generic linkbait. Most well established sites should be able to release a new article or page and, with a dozen or so highly targeted and relevant links, see top rankings within days for the target search term.

    Which strategy do you prefer?


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