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  • Why you shouldn't ignore Google Images

    Last week Hitwise reported that Google Image Search accounts for 6.82% of Google properties.

    Here’s the top 20 Google domains from January 2008:

    Considering Google’s huge market share, especially in the UK, 6.82% is a lot of searches! So maybe you should start optimising your kitten images for additional Google traffic.


    5 Responses to “Why you shouldn't ignore Google Images”

    1. I think you are completely right here Kevin, for me Google images has for a long time been a very powerful tool in driving visits to my own sites. For one site Google image search is consistently delivering between 25% and 30% of all site visits, and in some months will provide more traffic than the Google organic results.

    2. Raman Shukla says:

      Webmaster are not aware of the fact that google images can increase the traffic on their site by 20% to 50% or even more if they optimize the images in a proper way. The above statistics will definately help them. Good work.

    3. itay says:

      I’ll conceder it..

      I have another question, if a website is more Google Image friendly, will it also be helpful in the regular Google search?

    4. Wow..
      I didn’t imagine that Google image can get so much traffic..

    5. crexatalyst says:

      yeah and it was proven for me., mostly of my traffic came from image.,and it helps me a lot.,

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