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  • Yahoo! Duplicating YSM/YPN Blog Content

    While researching this weeks PPC links I noticed that the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog has several posts which are republished identically on the Yahoo! Publisher Network blog. I understand that there’s probably a lot of information which is relevant to both site’s readers but surely it would make more sense to use the story on one blog and then post a link to this item on the other, rather than duplicating the post on each blog?

    The example I found was this post on YSMBlog.com which is duplicated here on YPNBlog.com. Similarly Google’s method also may not be ideal as the Inside AdSense blog this week had a post which was also relevant to Google AdWords but not featured on the Inside AdWords blog, so in this case AdWords readers who don’t subscribe to the AdSense blog may have missed this.


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