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  • Yahoo! Favicon Appearing on Facebook

    Maybe Yahoo! have agreed a deal with Facebook after all. Or more likely, my Internet Explorer browser is trying to trick me into blogging about a rumour which ended a while ago :)

    It’s quite interesting that of all the .ico images that could have been mixed up the Yahoo one was used, even a new window and a CTRL+F5 page refresh doesn’t fix it, but everything’s fine in FireFox. Also if anyone knows how I can set MSN Messenger to open my Hotmail account using my default browser instead of a new IE window please let me know, I don’t think Microsoft have made that too easy though! ;)


    2 Responses to “Yahoo! Favicon Appearing on Facebook”

    1. HenningA says:

      That Yahoo icon comes up on some different websites, so I think it is some kind of virus or something like that. It comes up on my own site http://www.abmedia.dk regardles of the fact that I made a favicon command and used to have my own icon. Only the index.htm page are affected.
      Facebook.com come with normal icon.
      I´m using IE 7.0

      Strange !

    2. Dan says:

      try to create another favicon using http://www.seo-mind.com/favicon-generator/ or some other tool online

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