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  • Yahoo Search Marketing Keyword Insertion

    SERoundtable today pointed to a WebmasterWorld thread which shows how to use dynamic keyword insertion for Yahoo Search Marketing, this is for the new version codenamed Panama.

    “1. Click the Campaigns tab > Summary subtab. The Campaigns page opens.
    2. Identify a campaign and click its link. The Campaign Details page opens.
    3. Identify an ad group and click its link. The Ad Group Details page opens.
    4.Click the Create New Ad link. The Create Your Ad page opens.
    5. Decide whether to insert the keyword into the title or the description of the ad.
    6. Enter the title and description of your ad. At the point in your title or description where you would like to insert the keyword, click the Insert Keyword link below the text field. {KEYWORD: DEFAULT_TEXT} will be inserted into your title or description, and you may then replace DEFAULT_TEXT with the keyword of your choice.
    7. Enter the URL and ad name for the ad.
    8. Click Save Changes.
    9. In the Ad Group Details page, find the related keywords in the keywords tab.
    10. Click the keyword link. The Keyword Details page opens.
    11. Click the edit link in the Alternate Text field at the top of the page. The Enter Alternate Text dialog box opens.
    12. Enter the alternate text to display.
    13. Click Submit.”

    These previous posts show how to use the Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords dynamic keyword insertion.


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