Can Social Media Give You the X-Factor? |

Can Social Media Give You the X-Factor?

By Kevin Gibbons / September 4, 2009

Ok, it’s that time of year again which most of us guys dread, the X-Factor’s back! But whether you like the show or not, it is one of the UK’s most highly watched TV programmes and is a strong talking point for the British general public.

In recent years social media seems to be playing a far more important role. Given the success Susan Boyle has had following huge worldwide attention on YouTube (over 100 million views for her videos in total!), it shows that a good social media strategy can have a major impact towards influencing the general public and overall voting figures.

So far, after the second week of audition stages, there have been over 3.8 million views for Danyl Johnston and from last weeks show Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer has generated 1,097,963 views to date:

Having visited Google earlier this week, it’s also clear that YouTube are doing a very good job with improving their partner network of advertisers (and music content providers).  So now the X-Factor videos are published by ITV and open to their advertisers, such as TalkTalk in this case. Whereas previously ITV missed out on the Susan Boyle video as these videos were uploaded by general users.

In addition to this, there are other social media sites which can also help to increase the number of fans. For example, Jamie Afro has his own YouTube channel where you can find his Twitter profile, Facebook fan page, MySpace page amongst a few others. All helping to increase his fanbase and help gain a few extra voters for the show!

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