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Rebranding, and reconnecting with the audience

By using a rebrand as an opportunity for optimisation, we worked with Insider Journeys to manage their domain migration and SEO campaign. Through a robust migration plan, markup and meta data improvements plus realising content opportunities, Insider Journey’s new home not only looked better, it delivered traffic and stronger international search presence.


As a specialist travel operator with over 20 years experience and a loyal customer base, the re-brand was a seminal event for the business. With a move to 3 new domains on the horizon, Insider Journeys required a migration strategy that ensured a smooth transition for the customers, and retained traffic levels.

Our first challenge was migrating the three international domains (UK, Australia & US). We were to supply a coherent and manageable redirection roadmap that maintained organic visibility. At the same, time Insider Journeys needed help with an international SEO strategy as the existing sites suffered from cannibalisation between the domains. Finally, insider Journeys wanted us to boost organic traffic post-launch.


We first recommended a flatter structure to reduce the number of options available to users, such as near-duplicate product pages. Improved markup, including hreflang to fix the international cannibalisation and schema for items such as ratings to appear in the SERPs was introduced. This was facilitated by adding Google Tag Manager.

Then we created a migration roadmap, using all tools available to create and test redirects and encourage crawling of the new domain pages, such as seeking changes to external links.

Our next tactic was to improve content quality, developing potential for long tail, query based traffic.

The new, flatter, structure provided more focused pages and we took advantage with country-specific keyword research, delivering gap analyses and content recommendations for each destination. Identifying existing content which could be improved in order to increase its value to consumers was our goal.

Finally, we audited the blog, recommending what to remove, expand, localise or keep to increase relevancy of each domain for its target market.



Increase in organic traffic across domain portfolio


YOY increase in unique users


More completed enquiry forms


Increase in newsletter subscribers

Thanks to the detailed work of this campaign, each domain not only migrated successfully, they all saw a marked improvement in performance.

Cannibalisation reduced, and each website saw an increase in pages indexed and generating organic traffic. This led to increases of organic traffic for 2015 of 25% (Australia), 43% (UK) and 46% (US). Importantly, the number of conversions improved, with the Australia site seeing an increase of 25% in enquiry form completions. This was in large thanks to the big jumps in new users, showing the sites are now reaching fresh potential bookers.

White's expertise and resource were essential in ensuring the digital element of the rebrand was as efficient and controlled as such a project can be. With the agency's advanced international SEO expertise, we took the opportunity to further optimise each domain which, alongside a thoughtful and lean content strategy, has delivered sustained year-on-year organic traffic growth across each domain"

- Digital Marketing Manager, Insider Journeys


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