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"Since we engaged White.net, I've been very impressed with knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Their technical skills are supported by excellent customer service and relationship management, which really differentiates them from other agencies. Moreover their flexibility and willingness to adapt to our business constraints and working practices have been really welcom. They deliver consistently high quality and knowledgeable guidance and I have no hesitation in recommending them for both SEO and Analytics."

- Roisin Waite, CRM & Marketing Manager, M&G Investments

Why they hired us

To set up the new Google Analytics accounts and to provide the in-house development team with the new Analytics tracking codes.To act as a consultant to M&G's in-house development team during the implementation of Google Analytics tracking across their old site.To develop a new reporting system that was more in line with M&G's business needs.

Project overview



Established and understood the incredibly complex and varied requirements of each department, which ranged from traffic and goal tracking, to performance of certain social media channels. Consolidated all the requirements and set up a standard reporting template, which was presented to areas within the business that had similar needs. Developed bespoke reporting templates for other areas of the business. Created a new seperate Google Analytics account and worked in collaboration with M&G’s in-house development team to implement the tracking. Monitored the new data to ensure it was correct. Developed new APIs for more complicated reports. Implemented the inclusion of specialist tracking (i.e. social media, video play), which is not covered by Google Analytics.


The new reports were rolled out alongside the old versions for a period of time, so like-for-like comparisons could be made across old and new. As time passed, and the new reporting system got bedded in, the old reports were gradually phased out and withdrawn. This seamless transition enabled M&G to launch the new site smoothly.


Due to the success of the Analytics project, M&G has briefed us to develop and deliver the organisation’s international SEO strategy. We also plan to deliver a link building strategy that is aligned with the organisation’s values and ensures that the new site gains strong online visibility during and after launch.

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