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    Miele GB

    Why they hired us.

    Prior to 2010, Miele GB was primarily selling its products through channel partners, including John Lewis, Currys, Coment and other high-end kitchen retailers. However, in 2010, the company started looking to sell its products directly through its own site. We were briefed to promote Miele products online with the view to convert sales.

    Heres how we did it.

    The www.miele.co.uk site had originally been set up as a brand-building tool, so following a thorough audit of all product pages we made recommendations to change and develop new landing pages, with a strong focus on conversions.

    Key stages of the project.

    Implemented Google Analytics tracking for conversions, the revenue generatd through PPC and consequently ROI A/B testing campaigns for a small section of products initially focusing on vacuum cleaners As overall ROI for all PPC campaigns started to increase, more and more products were added into the campaign, along with Miele's cookery schools, and campaigns promoting their showrooms. Integrated TV and PPC campaigns for certain products, such as vacuum cleaners The 'buy directly online' proposition has continued to grow

    Whats next?

    Due to the success of the past three years of PPC campaigns, Miele GB is seeking to develop the 'buy directly online' proposition even further and is looking to become serious online competitors to the channel partners.We are now reviewing the website content to ensure that a sturdy conversion rat optimisation strategy is implemented. This will enhance the performanceof the site as an online store and further increase ROI through both PPC and SEO channels.
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