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    Why they hired us.

    In November 2010, domain name registrar Nominet UK launched an independent educational website called Knowthenet, to provide impartial advice on a range of internet safety issues, from cyber bullying to viruses. We were briefed to develop and deliver an integrated SEO and social media campaign to raise the search engine visibility of, which in turn would raise awareness of the site.

    Heres how we did it.

    With increased brand awareness an important goal, the SEO and social media work we've carried out for Knowthenet to date has focused on reaching out to several key audience groups in a carefully integrated campaign.

    Key stages of the project.

    Site audit - identifying technical issues affecting search engine visibility. Website content - writing additional on-site content to optimise the site for a wider range of keywords, including informational articles, glossary definitions of internet-related terms, and news stories. Content marketing - working closely with Knowthenet's PR agency on: publishing content on relevant, well-read websites to raise brand awareness as well as strengthen the site's backlink profile. Infographic camapaigns - supported by articles, press releases and social media. Integrated social media campaign - broadening the reach of content and gaining further brand exposure throuh Facebook and Twitter engagement, including through competitions. Facebook advertising - growing Likes through targeting users based on four very different audience personas.

    Whats next?

    Thanks to the success of our work to date, we've been given significant additional budget to invest in further SEO and social media campaign work, with more challenging objectives set for search visibility and brand awareness.Our particular focus for the remainder of 2013 will be on content marketing, running several larger internet safety campaigns targeted at different target audience groups and supporting Nominet's other campaigns through blog posts, news stories and social media. We'll also continue writing content for the site to make it an even better resource for all things internet related.
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